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  • He will eat anything.

    I think that Andrew Zimmern is a crazy individual. Why? Because he has eaten some of the craziest things on the planet. He is a great host and he is also very entertaining, which adds to the intrigue of Bizzare Foods. I like the fact that he keeps the show interesting with his relentless ability to eat weird things. I think that he is very much a good food critic. I also think that he is a good chef. Overall, I am surprised he hasn't got extremely sick from the things he has eaten. He will always eat the food. Thank you.
  • Andrew Zimmern is the host of Bizarre Foods on the Travel Channel

    Andrew Zimmern is my fave kind of TV host - a guy who loves his job, has a passion for it and can joke about it. Amiable, humorous and versatile, he's equal parts Chef Emeril, Indiana Jones and Curly Howard of the Three Stooges. He's the guy you'd want as your best friend on a long vacation as he reveals the best way to experience a culture is to sample its food. Unlike Boudain who can be anrasive and antagonizing, Zimmern is far more likeable, even having a sense of humor about himself. Andrew is the main reason that Bizarre Foods has become such a popular Travel Channel series.