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  • A awesome person!!!

    Andy Berman is awesome. Im glad that Andy Berman did the voice of Dib on the best show in the universe and that is Invader Zim. Dib is a cool charater to play. He is just too lucky to play a voice of a charater on Invader Zim. The whole cast on Invader Zim lucka to be and make a cool show. I know I keep repeating the show is good but its too good that I can shut up about it. I point is that Andy Berman does a very good job on the voice of Dib. What ever he is doing right now, I wish him the best of luck.
  • Very good voice i say.

    I hade never heard of Any berman tell he played the voice of Dib from Invader Zim i he is very good i must say not many people could hade pulled off Dib's voice then Andy i think he did a good job i must say very good yes very goo.
  • The most wonderful person in the WHOLE ENTRIE WORLD.

    Andy Berman is god. He is THE greatest! GO DIB! He's a sexy man, that Andy! I loves him good! w00t! w00t! I'ma gonna marry him! And we's gonna have 4,000,324 children! WHOO! I love him like I love Lucky Charms! Mmmmm.........lucky charms..... I love you, Dibby. I love you gooood...