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  • An incredible performer whose talent became too big for his life.

    Andy Dick is one of those performers who could be incredible. When someone sees his earlier work, one could compare it to early Micheal Richards, before and in the early years of Seinfeld.

    He was chosen as the son of Maxwell Smart in the 1995 version of Get Smart. Unfortunatly Andy Dick was a poor choice who brought too much uniqueness to the part. He couldn't be given a roll and sadly the series was canceled after only a handful of episodes. Luckily Andy Dick got attached to a fledgling show with Phil Hartman, and Dave Foley.

    Andy Dick started off slowly, and with in a couple years gathered almost a cult following, becoming almost as popular as the show's two principles. He brought a silliness and a comedy element that the show sorely needed, one that set him up for his future.

    Unfortunatly this show was fated to fall after the death of Phil Hartman. The show slowly fell apart as there wasn't a strong enough lead to replace him. After this show Andy dick slowly floated from project and this is where his downhill slide started.

    He even attached to the MTV network for the Andy Dick Show, as well as his own reality/spoof show "The Assistant". Sadly both of these made his already inflated ego spin out of control. It seemed that Andy Dick felt the need to be flamboyant in all aspects of his on screen performances, and it has ruined was was otherwise a bright future.

    Luckily he has a part on a show on ABC which seems to be working for him, but sadly this is not indicitive of his original talent all those many years agos when he was just starting out.
  • To sum up Andy Dick rocks!!!!

    Andy Dick is one of the most original actors out there.I love his Daphne Aguilara character.I think that character was supposed to be Christina Aguilaras cousin.I just remember thinking what is he doing and that thought was proceeded by laughter.I thought he was so good on NewsRadio as Mathew.Everybody who works in an office knows somebody like Mathew.And I really enjoyed his show The Assistant.I wonder if that person is still with him.Updates,Andy,Updates!And of course he rocks on his current show Less Than Perfect.I will always be a fan!!!
  • He's sooo sexy and nice!

    I met Andy yesterday at a live taping of Less Than Perfect. He signed his autograph with a heart because I asked him to which was very sweet. He gave me a hug and said I was sweet and I started crying! I am so in love with him! Who cares if there's a 22 year age difference- It could work, right?
  • It's sad that such great talent is reduced to B-listed performances.

    Andy Dick is one of the funniest people on earth. He can make you laugh with out trying. Any role he plays will having you rolling on the ground from laughter.

    The Andy Dick show was one of the funniest tv shows to be on MTV. He edid various skits on his show that had you laughing. My favorite was when he pretended to be Christina Aguelera's cousin, Courtney Aguelera.

    The Assitant was my favorite show he made. His catch phrases was awesome (It's elimination time b*tches.) Everything he did to those kids had me laughing. The Assistant was one of the best reality shows on television.

    It's a real shame he never became a movie star though. Andy Dick has some real talent, but he never get's to use all of it.
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    Andy Dick is a talentless hack. I believe his contemporaries continue to use him because he's a clown to be laughed at, not with. His behavior has finally caught up with him and hopefully he will never be seen again on tv or the movies. He's a prime example of how pathetic Hollyweird has become.