Andy Griggs

Andy Griggs


8/13/1973, Moore, Louisiana USA

Birth Name

Andrew Tyler Griggs


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Andy's father would lead the choir at the family's church. His father died suddenly when Andy was only 10 which left his brother as the man of the house. When he was in high school he concentrated on sports leaving the singing up to Mason who was in…more


Trivia and Quotes

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    • His band is called ward 8.

    • His greatest career thrill is recording with Waylon Jennings.

    • He graduated from River Oaks High School in 1991.

    • One of his non-musical influences is Terry Bradshaw.

    • His favorite vacation spot is Alaska.

    • His biggest character flaw is always running late.

    • Andy: I used You Won't Ever Be Lonely as a foundation, of course. But I tried to make Freedom a little more extreme, a little more to the right and left – a bit more jagged on the blues side and a bit more hardcore as far as the old country style. I guess the biggest difference between making the first record and the second is that I think I know me a little better.

    • He has had four billboard top ten singles with none of them hitting the number one position.

    • In 1999 Andy was Billboard's & R&R's Top New Male Vocalist.

    • Some of his musical influences are Waylon Jennings, Hank Williams, Larry Sparks.

    • Andy's hobbies are fishing and hunting.

    • He has one gold album: You Won't Ever Be Lonely.

    • Andy: There's a big variety of music inside of me. I think people have heard it when I sing and play live. But I felt like it was missing on my records. It's nothing for me to listen to KISS and then put on a Bill Monroe record. There's a lot of room in between those two.

    • Andy was nominated for the Vocal event of the year 2003 for "The Truth About Men" (Tracy Byrd, Andy Griggs, Montgomery Gentry and Blake Shelton).

    • Andy talking about his anual archery competion at the CMA festival: It started as a joke more than anything else. I hate golf, and I don't like to play with serious golfers. As much as I want to support charity, I was sick of having to go out on a golf course to do it. So what's something else that's fun? Well, I hunt with Blake Shelton, Tracy Byrd and Craig Morgan and I knew there were several others who hunted, too. Obviously, firearms wouldn't work with crowds. What about archery? I thought there probably wouldn't even be 100 to show up. It was huge! And it's gotten bigger and bigger each year.

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