Andy Griggs





8/13/1973 , Moore, Louisiana USA

Birth Name

Andrew Tyler Griggs




Andy's father would lead the choir at the family's church. His father died suddenly when Andy was only 10 which left his brother as the man of the house. When he was in high school he concentrated on sports leaving the singing up to Mason who was in a local band. Mason died of a hear attack when Andy was 18 in a classroom at Northeast Louisiana University. After his freshman year at the same college Andy moved home. Andy decided to step into Mason's role in the local band and he also became a youth minister in his old church.

Andy's band shared the bill with Jerry and Tammy Sullivan the famed bluegrass gospel group, in 1994. Andy married Jerry's daughter Stephanie a year later. Andy had visited Nashiville the previous summer and had recorded a demo and signed a management deal, Andy and Stephanie moved to Nashville not long after. Andy recorded duets with Mindy McCready.

Mindy became a star and in 1997, RCA excutive Joe Galante auditioned Andy and decided to sign him on to the label. In 2003 Andy and Stephanie divorced.