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  • Andy Guerdat is one of the greatest sitcom writers in all history and when i get my sitcom on the air i hope to have him on my team.

    Andy Guerdat has an amazing career in sitcoms. My stepdad Tom Guerdat probably was one of his biggest fans. Wed watch Hermans Head and Head of the class together when I was a kid. He is very well respected as a writer and as a producer and anyone who works with him has worked with one of the greats in the buisness. Ive never had the opportunity to meat him and hope one day to work with him. Hes gone from all in the family to new and better shows throughout his career. The writing gods have smiled down on him and I pray that one day I will be forturnate enough to have him working on my show one day. Keep up the awesome work and dont stop writing u have a gift.moreless