Andy Hallett

Andy Hallett


8/4/1975, Osterville, Massachusetts, USA



Birth Name

Andrew Alcott Hallett



Also Known As

Andy Hallett
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Andrew Alcott Hallett was born on August 4th, 1975 on the small Cape Cod town of Osterville. He attended Barnstable High School and then majored in Business with an emphasis on Management Marketing at Assumption College in Worcester. Despite his characters outgoing persona, Andy was very shy and…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • To a shining star...dearest Andy Hallet

    The Heavens are filled with your voice now...

    You were the reason Angel had such a heart...I am watching the Pylean episodes now and can not believe that you are no longer in this will be missed by all.

    You came on Angel and took our hearts. You had the best lines...delivering comedy and pathos with perfect timing. Your voice was amazing and captivated all who listened. I am sad that I never had the chance to meet you. You seemed to be such a reachable person. Someone who would have been a great friend and confidant. I and many others will find solace in Angel's reruns...watching and listening and hoping that somewhere you can see us as well..RIP...moreless
  • The reason I still watch Angel re-runs

    Given that, if my understanding is correct, Lorne was Andy Hallett's first acting role, then this kid has got serious talent both as a singer and comic actor with soul. Sadly, I haven't seen him in anything since, so I don't know if he's still in the Hollywood mix, but anyone who can act that well, through prosthetics and red contacts, right out of the gate should seriously be getting his on-camera (or behind the mic) due. Lorne could have easily been (forgive the pun) a one-note, throw-away bit of Angel-verse silliness. But Andy carried him admirably through four seasons. And, by the way, I can't even imagine four years of 3-hour makeup sessions five days a week. So whatever Andy is doing now, Lorne will forever be one of my all-time-favorite sci-fi characters. So thanks to Joss Whedon for creating him, and major thanks to Andy for bringing him to life.moreless