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    • Andy: (on Pete Wentz) What people don't realize about Pete is that Pete's always been Pete. People only seem one side of him, and I think the press magnifies some things that peopl would see as negative, maybe too cocky or something? They think that's because of our success as a band. If you see anything cocky about Pete, that's Pete.

    • Andy: (on if rock bands would ruin civilization) Probably not. Music would probably go. A lot of art would. That's what I'm saying – I'm really into comics and movies and video games, and I don't want to give that stuff up. At the same time, I think it's filling the void for the stuff we're missing.

    • Andy: Ultimately I am an employee of a corporation, and that's weird, and does contradict some of the things I believe in. But at the same time, I have to make a living.

    • Andy: My whole thing is I'm not into civilization as a whole. The only actual solution is the eventual collapse and demise of civilization . . .I think it needs to happen, but I no one, not even me, really wants it to happen.

    • Andy: I'm still this vegan straight-edge kid from Milwaukee who hates America, hates white people, and hates all this sh*t as much as I ever have.