Andy Lauer

Andy Lauer


6/19/1965, Santa Monica, California

Birth Name

Andrew Lauer



Also Known As

Andrew Lauer
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Emmy-nominated actor Andy Lauer portrays Charlie, Del's go-for at the greeting card company that carries Caroline designs in the hit comedy series Caroline in the City. He describes his character as "a little off-the-wall, in there between a super genius and a semi-conductor." Lauer was born in California…more


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    • Andy: (asked who – or what – has had the biggest influence on his career) Kevin Kline for sure, then Roland Joffe (director), Picasso, Van Gogh, Sean Connery, Michael Caine, Paul Newman, guys that have stayed the course.

    • Andy: (asked if he could change one thing about the industry, what it would be) Involve more outsiders, mandatory volunteer programs – community programs. Kind of how kids programming is only for adults/teens.

    • Andy: (on his most important professional accomplishment to date) A TV series I did in Jamaica, called Going to Extremes, showed how people need to be accepting and be ready to adapt to other thinking/lives/cultures.

    • Andy: (asked what is the one project that he's always wanted to do, but has yet to be able to) Little Cuba ... A full length feature of a short film I wrote and directed.

    • Andy: (asked which project he feels didn't live up to what he envisioned) A film I recently did called South of Paradise. May it never surface.

    • Andy: (on his favourite piece of music) Pacobel is great. Soundtrack to Seven Years in Tibet.