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Andy MacDonald

Andy MacDonald


7/31/1973, Boston, Massachusetts USA

Birth Name

Andy MacDonald



Also Known As

Andy Mac
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Andy MacDonald has been making his presence known in the pro skating world over the last couple years. Before skating, Andy played soccer and basketball, and was on the swim team in high school in Boston, MA. Andy also likes to play pool, snowboard, and wakeboard. Andy was…more


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    • Andy (Talking about his profession): I get paid to do what I love to do.

    • Andy (Talking about his profession): I get paid to do what I love to do.

    • Andy: My skateboarding travels have taken me to all but two states in the United States (Alaska and South Dakota), to most of Canada and Eastern Europe, and to Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Japan, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Scandinavia and the Middle East.

    • Andy (Talking about when people ask to have his board): I get asked this at contests alot and the answer is "No. If I give you my board, how am I supposed to skate the contest?"

    • Andy: I guess my greatest achievement has been winning the World Cup overall combined title for the past seven years. The award that meant the most to me was winning the 1998 Transworld Readers Poll for the Best Overall Skater.

    • Andy: My worst injury while skateboarding was a broken ankle. Since then, numerous rolled ankles have kept me off my board.

    • Andy (About what got him started): I was playing basketball one day when I saw a kid roll across the court on his skateboard. I asked him if I could try it. For Christmas that year, I asked my mom for a skateboard. My brother got a board around the same time and we would skate together.

    • Andy (About training method): Ride my skateboard as much as I can.

    • Andy (About training method): Ride my skateboard as much as I can.

    • Andy (About superstition): Never say "Last Try" or "One More Try" at the end of a session.

    • Andy: Simple advice: Recognize that skateboarding is very hard to do and everyone learns at their own pace. Don't get caught up in what is cool, what is not, or what tricks you should learn. Do whatever makes you happy. Most importantly and above all else, have fun and enjoy it.

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  • I have always loved him

    I have always loved Andy. I loved watching him bust doubles with the great Tony Hawk Himself and all, i do not know why he has not been seen for a while he was and still is a great in my honest opinion. He should come back and reign the way that he did with Tony. I want him to come back, the way that he would tear up the half pipe and the way that he would just skateboard in general. I mean he is one of the greatest skateboarders that i know of. Well 4 more wrods, and done!moreless