Andy Merrill





11/27/1966 , Newark, Ohio, USA

Birth Name

Andy Merrill




Andy Merill was born November 27th, 1966, in Newark, Ohio. Andy is a graduate of Asbury College, where he studied his major in media communications.

At the beginning of Cartoon Network, Andy was working at sister company CNN. Patiently, Andy watched the bulletin boards, listening to tales of Ted Turner's ideas for newly purchased Hanna-Barbera, waiting for a Cartoon Network job posting. Despite having a bright future as an editor at CNN, Andy was unhappy at CNN, and jumped at the chance to work for Cartoon Network in 1992.

Andy was in programming, producing, and technical support, helping Space Ghost: Coast to Coast in 1994. Andy Merill was the voice for Space Ghost in the first pilot. Andy lent his voice to both Lokar, and eventually Brak. After a few years on SGC2C, Turner's TBS network created Cartoon Planet, a series of short cartoons to run in between cartoon reruns. This gave Andy a second show to voice Brak for, and an opportunity to write as well as produce. Andy worked on Cartoon Planet for it's entire 3-year run.

Andy left Atlanta for a year, during which he lived in New Jersey. Upon returning, Andy joined the programming department of The Boomerang Network, also of the Turner network family.

In 2000, Andy Merrill left SGC2C, to become the star of the SGC2C spin-off, The Brak Show, where he reprised his role as Brak, as well as contributing as a writer and producer. Andy also did the voice for occasional drop-in Clarence. Despite mass-appeal, The Brak Show was cancelled in 2003.

From 2001 to 2004, Andy's voice has been used an astonishing nineteen times in Aqua Teen Hunger Force, with the majority of the times used to play the character Oglethorpe.

Andy Merrill still writes, for shows such as Krypto the Superdog, Sunday Pants, and Tickle U.

Andy Merrill is currently on the Cartoon Network's Fridays, doing both the voice and puppetry for Long Haul and Motor Baby, as well as writing and producing. Andy Merrill once again lends his voice to Oglethorpe in the upcoming Aqua Teen Hunger Force: The Movie.