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    • Andy: (On his memories of the late Don S. Davis) He was very, very dear to me. I can't say enough great things about Don Davis. He was an extraordinary man. I have nothing but the fondest memories of Don. I'd known him for many, many years. He was always just a sweet, kind hearted, gentle but strong man. Every day he would ask about my wife and my children and was genuinely asking. It wasn't just a formality. He really wanted to know, and he had nothing but time for everybody. He was larger than life in his presence and he gave so much to the show. Some of my fondest memories of Don were during the production of "Heroes, Parts 1 and 2," where even in blocking rehearsals Don would break down with emotion over the subject matter. It was so near and dear to him with his experience in the military. It was a very moving experience. Knowing how emotional Don was and how fragile, really, he was in that situation, we kind of had to tread a little bit carefully with him. It really allowed us all to see, again, a different side of Don.