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  • Not all people are happy with Obama, it is just not reported.

    Not all people are happy with Obama, it is just not reported. Tim Geithner is only one reason I have problems with the current administrations. People who would not have been consider 4 years ago are now confirmed as must haves. The biggest problem is with congress. The media is reporting the good about people they like and making the others sound bad. I really do not want to write an essay here. Just want to say everyone is not happy with the new president and his administration. I want to see more back out checks and more reporting.
  • Andy should, but he won't, see what the people of the us think about what the Pres. is doing. I am sorry to say I will nolonger listen to Andy as he is just another main stream reporter saying what he is told to say. Goodby.

    Last time I will listen to Andy as his stance on Obama is wrong. This President is the worst President in History of the United States of America. He is out to destroy our nation. He puts us down on everything we do. He has no sense as to what the American people think. He puts people in charge, that we the people cannot vote on. He violats the constitution in his actions. The black people of the US have been taken in and are racist. We the people are waiting to show him the door. We the people will not be controlled and we have the right and are doing so by keeping our guns ready.