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  • Just so funny!

    Andy Samberg is a great comedian. I love him with "The Lonely Island," and I think he fits so well on "Saturday Night Live." What surprised me about Andy is when I learned that he has rapping abilities. Andy is cute and dorky, no offense to him, so I never really pictured him being able to rap. But to my surprise, he is a white boy that can rap very well, unlike K. Fed.

    Andy is the reason I look forward to watching "Saturday Night Live." If he is in a skit, that makes it better to me. I hope he goes far because he has the talent to do so. He seems very sweet and down-to-earth.

    So, how did I start liking Andy? I didn't really know who he was until one episode, and that night I had a dream about him. In it, I was in a crowded restaurant, and had to sit at a table with some guy. That guy turned out to be Andy. He was really sweet and cheered me up. When I woke up I was mad because all we did was talk in the dream. I was hoping for more to happen. So ever since then, I had a crush.

    So, I look forward to seeing a lot more of Andy in the future, as well as Saturday nights.