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  • Amazing Actress with a beautiful soul

    I am not easily impressed or a fan of alot of things or people, but has my topic says, she has a beautiful that just shines through for all to see, she keeps it real in her daily life and doesn't put on airs. I could see myself being her friend. That's why I am a fan for a life.

    her acting abilities is outstanding and really pulls you in. Bradly and her together is simply amazing, I would love to see them in more roles together
  • In a show where it always feels like it's more about the boys and their somewhat juvenile antics, it's refreshing to see a leading lady that keeps it real.


    In Merlin, Angel Coulby's Guinevere somehow manages to be the steady center of a cast of characters that can act pretty ridiculously. I love how she has that steadfastness while being adorable and COMPLETELY GORGEOUS all at the same time. I love that the writers created a strong female presence that, while depressingly underutilized in the early series, has now grown into her own. I wish she could be in every scene in every episode--along with Katie McGrath's Morgana of course--but alas, Merlin is still a boy's club. :P

  • Amazing actress


    She does an amazing job onMerlin, but is sadly overlooked as her character isnecessarilygiven the beststory-lines. She also displays great talent, even when doing comedy or dealing with a death in the show. Her relationship with Arthur is tender and loving, and she does a superb job of acting within those scenes

  • Angel Coulby is a rare jewel who brings strength and grace to the role of Gwen on Merlin. She brings such emotion to the role along with a generous heaping of humor. Her beauty and grace will carry her very far in this industry and she is a perfect Gwen


    I happened across this show one night and it was a heartbreaking episode where I laughed and cried and became intimately familiar with the cast in one episode. I instantly became a fan and even more so a fan of Angel who plays Gwen. Her range of emotions on this particualr episode brought out all of my emotions and I find it hard to find someone who can make me feel this much about a character on a show I am unfamiliar with. I felt for the character of Gwen and I have to say both Angel and Bradley played the scene to perfection. She is an absolutejoy to watch and Merlin is now one of my favorites.

  • Angel Coulby is a brilliant Actress!


    Angel Coulby is a brilliant Actress! She is the reason I'm still watching Merlin. Her Guinevere is the best Guinevere I've seen on screen. She has grace, strength, and beauty. This Arthur is lucky to have her. I wish her the best in S5 on Merlin and beyond Merlin as well.

  • Angel Coulby is brilliant, her portrayal of Guinevere is one of the main reasons I tune in to watch Merlin every week.


    Good job Angel, the producers did a great casting you as Gwen, your portrayal of the Guinevere character is one of the main reasons I tune in to Merlin every week. The chemistry between Angel and Bradley James on screen is great . I have watched Angel in a few other British shows and would love to see her on North American television, I think Americans would love her beauty

  • Brilliant, understated actress.


    Without her genuine and heartfelt portrayal of Guinevere on Merlin, I seriously doubt I would love the show as much as I do. Love you, Anggelll.

    I do believe I started to watch Merlin religiously, even going on forums and message boards, when I saw the last episode of series 1. You were caring for Arthur and your speech to him as he lay unconscious endeared me to you quite a lot. Then the last bit of the episode had him remember your words, after all. That interaction between you and Bradley James has to be one of the main reasons I look forward to the show. I love how you both play your characters and the chemistry is definitely clear to see on screen.

  • Angel Coulby is an amazing actress and deserves a 10.


    Since the beginning of the series Angel was already showing her potencial, even though Gwen wasn't a very "present" character. With few lines and scenes she displayed great talent. We, as viewers, saw her character grow from a shy yet wise maidservant to a confident queen. And Angel owned all scenes, always with brilliant executions. With just a look you knew what Guinevere was thinking or what she was feeling. Coulby worked well in different types of scenes: funny, sad, happy... Angel adds so much to the show and is flawless in most of her performances. She as Guinevere is incredible and it's overwelming to see her on my screen at saturday night. I wouldn't pick anyone else. She is the perfect Guinevere!

  • Very talented and beautiful actress


    I enjoy Angel's acting and find her to be extremely talent and beautiful. Even when given no lines Ms. Coulby's facial expressions are price and tell a story.

    Ms. Coulby is not only good at handling drama but comedy as well as she most recently proved in the episode " A Servant of Two Masters". I look forward to seeing big things from Ms. Coulby in the future

  • A versatile and talented actress whose skills are sadly underused in her current running role (...)


    The role of Guinevere is played with a subtleness and sensitivity that initially drew me to the character. Angel Coulby is a very versatile actress and this is evident in episodes where the script and plot allow her to boast an impressive range. I was particularly surprised and impressed by her fantastic comedic timing. Her talents are wasted in Merlin as she is very underused.

  • Angel Coulby is brilliant, she makes great work out of the drowning scripts of Merlin


    Angel Coulby is an actress of substance, intelligence and immense talent. She shows this in every episode, with an emotional depth that is almostunequalledon the show.

    Angel has a brilliant range, she lifts a poor script todeliverwonderful performances of humour and wit, warmth, strength, empathy and she does this without anysaccharine.

    This is not all which Angel is capable of, she can deliver a powerful dramatic performance, as evident in her scene with Bradley James in the Lancelot Du Lac episode.

  • I simply adore Angel Coulby.


    I'm an American viewer and very new to the Merlin Fandom but without a doubt Angel Coulby is one of the main reasons I have fallen in love with BBC's Merlin. Ms. Coulby's acting is brilliant in its nuance and subtlety. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching Ms. Coulby's portrayal of Guinevere from a shy, awkward servant girlto a strong and wise woman and Queen. Additionally Angel's palpable chemistry with her co-stars Colin Morgan and more specifically Bradley James,simply makes me believe in these characters and the world they inhabit. I eagerlylook forward to Season 5 of Merlin and Ms. Coulby'sdepictionof Guinevere, now that she is Queen of Camelot.

  • Lovely, valiant, wise and loyal ... Angel Coulby is Guinevere Pendragon. And we thought we have seen it all!


    Angel Coulby is not just an actress, she is a performer.
    Impeccable, stupendous and a beauty to behold; she is the perfect Guinevere of the 21st century.
    She embodies the love and grace of a princess, the bravery and valor of a knight, the wisdom and fairness of a queen and the loyalthy and honesty of a wife. She is the yin to Arthur's yang. The sun to Arthur's moon.
    A role model for a child to look up to, Guinevere is the epitome of a modern day woman. And Angel complements her well.

  • Character Transition From Hand Maid To Queen of Camelot


    Absolutely brilliant character actress who understands how to give a nuanced performance. Nothing is ever obvious or two dimensional in any scene she is in. She is a joy to watch. One of the greatest skill sets of any great actor is the ability to lift everyone's performance about them and this Angel Coulby does effortlessly. Clearly everyone comes to those, unfortunately rare, but choice scenes with their AGame and we are all thankful for her presence and her distinctive take and portrayal of Queen Guinevere Pendragon.

  • A new kind of Guinevere


    As one of the only female cast member of this mostly male assemble Angel Coulby has managed to breath life into the role of Guinevere on Merlin. Her dramatic work in this series along side her co-stars is what keeps me coming back to Merlin year after year. No matter what type of scene she is in, be it comedy of drama, this little lady royally brings it.

    No, she is not your grandmother's Guinevere but she is definitively one for the history books!