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    • Photoshoots:
      -September 2012, Radio Times magazine.

    • 2012 Public Appearances:
      -October 17th, 2012: Loserville musical, Garrick Theatre, London, UK.

    • 2011 Public Appearances:
      -October 13th, 2011: BBC Radio -1Xtra with Rupert Young.
      -October 7th, 2011: Sam & Mark's Big Friday Wind-Up with with Merlin co-stars Eoin Macken and Rupert Young.
      -September 25th, 2011: Something For The Weekend BBC2 with Colin Morgan.
      -September 15th, 2011: London BFI Southbank Merlin Season 4EP1 Preview and Q&A with Colin Morgan, Katie McGrath and Executive Producers Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy.
      -April 16th, 2011: The Dragon Tower attraction with Merlin co-stars Anthony Head, Katie McGrath and Richard Wilson, Warwick Castle, Warwick, England.
      -April 9th, 2011: Merlin panel at the Kapow Comic Con, London with Colin Morgan, Bradley James, Katie McGrath and Executive Producer Johnny Capps.

    • Angel is professionally represented by Hobsons International Voices, London.

    • The only movie about the Arthurian legends that Angel had seen before landing her role of Guinevere in Merlin was the Disney film The Sword In The Stone.

    • Angel was nicknamed 'hussy' by Merlin co-star Bradley James for her swearing.

    • 2010 Public Appearances:
      -November 30th, 2010: Christmas Soiree in London.
      -November 20th, 2010: Memorabilia Show at the NEC in Birmingham.
      -November 6th, 2010: Club 10 Bar Launch night at the Grange Hotel in St. Paul's, London.
      -November 6th, 2010: Wherever the Need/Doorway to Dignity charity auction, London.
      -September 22nd, 2010: CBBC's Iain & Dodge.
      -September 17th, 2010: CBBC News.
      -September 17th, 2010: Sam & Mark's TMI Friday show with Katie McGrath.
      -September 10th, 2010: interview with Bradley James, Katie McGrath and Anthony Head.
      -September 6th, 2010: TV Choice Awards at The Dorchester hotel in London's Park Lane.
      -September 6th, 2010: BBC 1Xtra show with Katie McGrath.
      -September 5th, 2010: BFI Southbank Merlin Season 3EP1 and Season 3EP2 Preview and Q&A with Merlin main cast and producers.
      -July 1st, 2010: Merlin panel at the Comic Con Expo in Paris with Katie McGrath.
      -May 29th, 2010: London MCM Expo Merlin Panel with Colin Morgan, Katie McGrath and Johnny Capps.
      -May 23rd, 2010: Bafta Cymru Awards at the Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff.

    • Polls:
      -2011 UK Cult TV 'Sexiest Female' #5.
      -2010 Geeky Girls Love Scifi 'September woman of the Month'.

    • Before becoming an actress, Angel worked behind the counter at a deli.

    • Stage:
      A Statement of Regret as Issi, National Theatre.
      The Importance of Being Ernest.
      Lavender Blue.

    • Nominations:
      -2013: SFX Sci-Fi Awards in the category of Sexiest Woman for her role of Guinevere in Merlin.
      -2013: Glamour UK Women of the Year Awards in the category of UK TV Actress.
      -2011: Screen Nation Award in the category of Best Female Performance in TV for her role of Guinevere in Merlin.
      -2010: 50th Monte Carlo Television Festival in the category of Outstanding Actress/Drama for his role of Guinevere in Merlin.

    • Charity:
      -2013: Angel contributed with National Doodle Day and provided with a doodle to be auctioned off for Epilepsy Action charity.
      -2012: Angel contributed with a doodled and signed cotton handkerchief for the 'Celebrity Hanky Doodle Auction' for the Silent Auction charity.
      -2012: Angel contributed with National Doodle Day and provided with a doodle to be auctioned off for Epilepsy Action charity.
      -2011: Angel collected funds for the Great Ormond Street Hospital during the autograph signing session at the Kapow Comic Con Merlin panel, April 9th, London.
      -2010: Angel Coulby contributed with a signed picture to the 2010 Wamcare (Worldwide Association for ME/CFS Awareness and Research) charity auction which profits are destined to top quality biomedical research including a large share to the Whittemore Peterson Institute and ME Research UK.
      -2010: Angel was one of the 31 celebrities photographed in August 2010 by Matt Humphrey for the charity project '31 Portraits in 31 Days'. A picture was made available each day during October 2010 and 31 copies of each picture were sold for £31.31, all proceeds from these sales being donated to Crohns & Colitis UK (NACC).
      -2009: Angel contributed with National Doodle Day and provided with a doodle to be auctioned off for Epilepsy Action charity.

    • Television:
      -The Tunnel as Laura Roebuck (2013)
      -Dancing On The Edge as Jessie (2013)
      -Merlin as Guinevere (2008-2012)
      -Children in Need 2010 as herself/Guinevere (2010)
      -Merlin Secrets and Magic as herself (2009)
      -Children in Need 2009 as Guinevere (2009)
      -Children in Need 2008 as Guinevere (2008)
      -Life is Wild as Lynette (2007)
      -The Visit as Rachael (2007)
      -Talk to Me as Faith (2007)
      -Secret Life as Young Mum (2007)
      -Gina's Laughing Gear as Nurse Jones (2007)
      -Magicians as Receptionist (2007)
      -The Bill as Zoe Hughes (2007)
      -Tripping Over as Charity (2006)
      -Vincent as Gillian (2006)
      -Doctor Who as Katherine (2006)
      -Hustle as Alic (2006)
      -Imagine Me & You as Anna (2005)
      -The League of Gentlemen's Apocalypse as Receptionist (2005)
      -MIT: Murder Investigation Team as Lee Allanson (2005)
      -The Jacket as Intern #2 (2005)
      -Holby City as Maxine Framley (2004)
      -Conviction as Jemma Ryan (2004)
      -As If as Amber (2004)
      -Making Waves as LMA Anita Cook (2004)
      -Manchild as Pippa (2003)
      -The Second Coming as PC Louise Fraser (2003)
      -A Good Thief as Leah Pickering (2002)
      -Having It Off as Kylie Riley (2002)
      -Casualty as Sally (2002)
      -Orrible as Shiv (2001)

    • 2009 Public Appearances:
      November 20th 2009: Children In Need appeal with Merlin cast.
      November 12th 2009: Cardiff Xmas Wonderland Switchon with Merlin cast.
      October 31st 2009: Forbidden Planet Megastore London with Bradley James.
      October 25th, 2009: London MCM Expo with Katie McGrath and Johnny Capps.
      October 10th 2009: TMI with Katie McGrath.
      September 18th 2009: BBC Radio 1Xtra with Colin Morgan.
      September 16th, 2009: Digital Spy with Katie McGrath.
      September 6th 2009: BFI Southbank Merlin S2EP1 Preview and Q&A with Merlin main cast and producers.
      May 23rd 2009: London MCM Expo Merlin Panel with Merlin young cast members and producer.

    • 2008 Public Appearances:
      November 14th 2008: Children In Need appeal with Merlin cast.
      November 8th 2008: The National Lottery with Bradley James. November 7th 2008: Sound BBC2 Music Show with Katie McGrath.
      October 25th 2008: London MCM Expo Merlin Panel with cast and crew.

    • Favourites:
      -Movies: Labyrinth and The Wizard Of Oz, Avatar, the old Star Wars saga.
      -Bands: Bridgette Amofah, Zarif, Part Time Heroes, The Nextmen, MC Wrec, Jamie Woon and Rage Against The Machine.
      -Shows: Doctor Who.

      Likes: Food: Marmite, Tabasco.

      -Cooking, eating.
      -Designing, knitting, sewing and making her own clothes.
      -Music and learning how to play the guitar.
      -Being out in the sunshine.
      -Camden Lock Market.
      -Bollocks to Poverty.
      -Music festivals.

    • Angel does her own stunts in Merlin.

    • Angel grew up in Finsbury Park, north London.

    • Angel, together with Merlin co-stars Colin Morgan and Bradley James recorded a video diaries with interviews and behind the scenes material during the filming of season 1. It was incorporated as extra material in the DVD release.

    • Angel provided with audio commentaries for episode 1x02 Valiant, episode 1x08 The Beginning of the End, episode 1x09 Excalibur and episode 1x10 The Moment of Truth for the Merlin series 1 DVD box set, episode 2x02 The Once and Future Queen and episode 2x10 Sweet Dreams for the Merlinseries 2 DVD box set, episode 3x03 Goblin's Gold for the Merlin series 3 DVD box set, episode 4x02 The Darkest Hour Part 2 from the Merlin series 4 DVD box set, episode 5x03 The Death Song Of Uther Pendragon and episode 5x09 With All My Heart from the Merlin series 5 DVD box set.

    • -Angel attended Queen Margaret University College in Edinburgh where she graduated with a degree in acting.
      -She was a member of the National Theatre.
      -She is an accomplised singer.

  • Quotes

    • Angel Coulby: (About starring on a prime time Saturday night show) Whenever I'm out with friends, they take the mickey out of me. They go: 'This is my friend Angel, she's famous!' And I go: 'I'm not famous, shut up!' I went to a wedding recently and when they were taking pictures, they were going: 'Oh look at you posing, you've done this before!' But they're all really supportive and happy for me. (OK maganize, Sept 15, 2009)

    • Angel Coulby: (About feeling homesick when filming in France for Merlin) I can't say I miss anything, in fact, quite the reverse. I have trouble keeping a lid on the diet situation, because I love food – meat and wine included – and the French do food well. So this is not a complaint! (OK maganize, Sept 15, 2009)

    • Angel Coulby: (About filming in France for Merlin) I love shooting in France. We film in the most beautiful place, and every now and then you look around and you see the castle and the setting and you think, this isn't bad for a job! We stay in a nice little hotel about 20 minutes away from the location. There's not a lot around there to do, but we're about an hour north of Paris, so we often hang around there on a weekend. (OK maganize, Sept 15, 2009)

    • Angel Coulby: (About her role of Gwen in Merlin) Gwen is a hand-maiden now, but at some time in her life she will be Queen Guinevere. I think it's so exciting that I'm one of the few actresses who's fortunate enough to play Guinevere over a long period of time, and to become synonymous with that character is a great privilege. I think you can see parts of the Queen emerging, like with her nobility, and the fact that she really cares about the people and how they should have a voice as well as the aristocracy. (OK maganize, Sept 15, 2009)

    • Angel Coulby: (About getting her role of Gwen in Merlin) I was quite fortunate in that I only had to do one audition, because as an actor you want to do as few auditions as possible as they're so stressful! I thought I did alright, but I didn't hear anything for a month, then suddenly I got the call that I'd got the part and I was over the moon. (OK maganize, Sept 15, 2009)

    • Angel Coulby: (About her favourite Merlin season 1 episode) I can't remember the number of them, but Lancelot, the episode with Lancelot [episode 1x05 Lancelot] is probably my favorite.

    • Angel Coulby: (About her favourite character in Merlin) Oh, probably Merlin. He's very lovable and charming and sweet and funny.

    • Angel Coulby: (When asked to describe her character in Merlin in one sentence) I play Guinevere who is a kind and gentle, but very noble hand maiden who will one day become queen.

    • Angel Coulby: (When asked to describe Merlin in two sentences) It's a swashbuckling, magical, fantastical adventure. That's only one sentence.

    • Angel Coulby: (About her most exciting scene in Merlin) The most fun moment was when I had to measure Santiago Cabrera's inside leg. He is in one of the episodes and was lovely, he was gorgeous too. Normally he would have to hold the tape at the top but it was only after we'd done the scene that I realised I was holding the tape at both ends. He was very good and professional. We had a laugh about it on set.

    • Angel Coulby: (About Merlin) From the first read through we felt we were at the beginning of something great. It just seemed like something of high quality, the writing is so good and there's a fantastic cast.

    • Angel Coulby: (on her character Guinevere in Merlin) Gwen is Morgana's handmaiden. She's a very kind, sweet person who falls for Merlin on first meeting him. She doesn't know Merlin has these magic powers. She just sees him as an incredibly brave man and his boldness encourages her to take a stand on things she feels strongly about. In the beginning she is this quite shy, reasonably innocent character who bumbles her way along. But as things go on a bit more of the queen within begins to emerge. She always has a strong sense of right and wrong of justice and injustice. She talks about ordinary people and how they need to be represented, which is a bit revolutionary in Camelot.

    • Angel Coulby: (about someday working in the U.S.) I will probably go over there at some point. I love living in London, it's where my home and my heart is and I can't imagine living there. But to go over there when you've got a big show on one of the networks is too good an opportunity to pass over.

    • Angel Coulby: (about acting) I've been doing it for seven years now. I feel more comfortable in front of a camera now. I'm sure all actors are the same, they think at the start of every job 'I can't do it' and then it's always fine. That phase is shorter now.