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    • Theatre Credits:
      (2010) TOYS, Royale Productions, dir. Cameron Rhodes

    • Angela and Claire Chitham shared a dressing room together for a number of years while the two were on the soap Shortland Street, and Claire introduced Angela to her future husband, Chris Houston. Before Claire she shared her dressing room with Stephanie Tauevihi and Angela Dotchin.

    • Angela played Rachel McKenna on Shortland Street from 1993, beginning when she was 19 years old, until 2002, when she left because she was tired of playing a character that was so hard edged and was always the writers' go-to girl for the "issues" storylines. After briefly reprising the role in 2007 for the show's 15th anniversary celebration, she realised how much she missed it, and decided to come back in 2009. In between, however, she stayed connected to the show, as one of their regular directors.

    • Angela had several storylines which she found ridiculous for her character Rachel on Shortland Street, including the time she got struck by lightning and immediately fell in love with her geeky flatmate Nick, until she was electrocuted again, and fell back out of love. But the one she considers the most lame was when the staff of the clinic staged an intervention because Rachel had nits in her hair. Angela says of that storyline, "I can't believe they ended a Friday episode on that! Did they really think 'Oh, that'll keep them going over the weekend!'?"

    • Angela can act using a number of different accents, including Australian, British, Canadian, US East Coast, and US LA.

    • Angela did ballet through her teens, which caused a bit of grumbling when she was named as a contestant on the show Dancing With The Stars (NZ).

    • In 1999, Angela posed nude for Ralph magazine. She remains torn about whether it was a good thing for her or not. She found the experience very freeing in a way, and helped her to break out of her Shortland Street mold. But she says without hesitation that she will never do it again.

    • Having been connected to the soap Shortland Street as an actress and director since 1993, she considers the cast and crew her second family. But when not at work, she enjoys spending time with her kids and husband, cooking, watching movies and reading.

    • In 2006, Angela was voted as having the "best celebrity breasts" as part of the Fayreform National Breast Pride Week.

    • In 2007, Angela took part in the "I See Red" celebrity fashion show. She modeled a dress on the runway for this charity, with the benefits going to the Auckland City Mission.

    • Angela introduced her best friend Melissa to Michael Galvin, her fellow Shortland Street cast mate. Michael and Melissa eventually wed, and Angela served as bridesmaid for her wedding. Then Melissa returned the favor at Angela's wedding.

    • Angela and her husband Chris have two children, Max and Maya.

    • In 2008, Angela was nominated for "Best Supporting Actress" at the Qantas Film and Television Awards for her role of Shona Pierce in the series Ride With The Devil.

    • Angela is 5'5" (165 cm), with brown hair and blue eyes.

    • Angela is represented professionally by the firm Johnson & Laird Management.

  • Quotes

    • Angela: I enjoy acting no matter how long the day or how traumatic the moment. There's a ridiculous kind of euphoria of releasing your emotions, getting it right and affecting someone. I liken it to that good golf shot you lop down the fairway, just nail it and it goes straight in the hole.

    • Angela: (on returning to "Shortland Street" at age 36) It's a bit intimidating seeing myself on screen again. I don't look like these photos anymore, and it's taking a little getting used to. I go, 'What's that thing (miming a double chin) between my chin and my neck?'

    • Angela: (on returning as Rachel on "Shortland Street") Story-wise, Rachel is there to put the cat among the pigeons. I think that will always be her role.

    • Angela: (returning to acting on "Shortland Street") I haven't been in front of the camera on this set for such a long time that it felt weird. The actors were actually all very supportive, but I felt like I had to know my lines and not screw up, because there was one sense of what I desire as an actor and then what I desire as a director from actors.

    • Angela: (On posing nude in a men's magazine) I'm still as conflicted about it now as I was prior to doing it. I carry that conflict and that's about whether I'm OK about having a nude photo of myself out in the national domain. I go 'that's OK', and then I'm like 'is that OK?'

    • Angela: (on her reasons for leaving acting for directing) I'd been immersed in the Shortland Street world for so long that there was some cathartic behaviour that needed to go on. I was figuring out who I wanted to be again.