Angela Bruce

Angela Bruce


Leeds, Yorkshire, England

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Born in Leeds of a West Indian father and a white mother. At the age of three, Angela was put up for adoption and moved to a Banardo's home in the north east.

The Bruce family from Craghead near Stanley, following a visit made by their daughter,…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Angela Bruce is an avid amateur tennis player.

    • Angela Bruce was once mistaken for Commonwealth Games medalist Sonia Lannerman by a group of children at a supermarket, she signed her autograph thirty times because she didn't have the heart to tell them she wasn't her.

    • Angela Bruce is 5'8" (173cm) tall.

    • Angela Bruce's theatrical début was as a member of the cast of the cult Seventies musical, Hair. She got the role after being one of the audience pulled up onto the stage at the end of an earlier performance and was subsequently asked by the director to audition.

    • Angela Bruce's first job was was as a waitress in the summer holidays at Ramside Hall Hotel in County Durham, where she managed to drop an elaborate gateau into a customer's lap.

    • Angela Bruce is a campaigner for human rights, most notably for HOPI (Hands off the People of Iraq) and Concerned Nigerians Worldwide.

    • Angela Bruce was invited back to her childhood home of Craghead by the BBC regional programme Inside Out in 2003.

    • Although unsuccessful as a nurse, Angela Bruce is a trained reflexologist.

    • At 15 following in the footsteps of her older sister, Angela Bruce enrolled at Durham Technical College for a three-year nursing course. She failed her exams and quit after two years.

    • When filming during the Doctor Who episode Battlefield Angela Bruce mistakenly pointed the wrong way towards a lake in a scene with Sylvester McCoy, he offhandedly told her, they'd move the lake, it became a running joke for the rest of the shoot.

    • Angela Bruce was made an Ambassador of Derwentside in 2000, this honour is accorded to people from the North East of England considered to be outstanding in their field.

  • Quotes

    • Angela Bruce: There was no pressure whatsoev­er, Doctor Who was like a holiday, extremely enjoyable and very easy. I went through it all in a haze, actually. It might have been because we found a few country pubs.

    • Angela Bruce; (about her role in Bad Girls) I relished the chance to play such a bumbling, humorous and ultimately loveable character as Mandy. Many of the parts I've played in the past have been serious, cool-headed, competent professionals, and while I enjoy playing female high-fliers, it's great to have the chance to be warm and exuberant as Mandy.

    • Angela Bruce: Acting is a fickle business, and not one you can make a living from. There are only a handful, about 1%, of actors who are in constant work.

    • Angela Bruce: When they were casting Angels, there were only a handful of black female actors in The Spotlight [the casting directory], Angels needed a young multicultural cast. I was initially cast in a minor role for one episode.

    • Angela Bruce: (about the musical Hair) I was enthralled by how much fun the vibrant, multicultural cast appeared to be having, so I bought a ticket, made up a fictional friend to go with and went to the theatre on my own.

    • Angela Bruce: (about growing up in a mostly white rural village) I remember when we were playing netball and another school came to play. Our lads from the village would always sit on top of the wall. The other school brought with it one of those black plastic winky dolls, and tied it to the goalposts, and I remember them lads looking at it, looking at me, looking at them, and they went 'charge' and came off that wall because it was their Angela. There was a big punch up and we had to abandon the netball match.