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  • the trilling thing i think america feel for was his beautiful children and their differences. it was very interesting, in short about the mom and her need for silence because of her infidelity. ha ah

    i read a article, people don't think twice, we are a bunch of helpless dummies, but i'm saved. i'm good even if i bad or good, GOD blesses me with understanding.

    GOD bless everyone, and i prayed for ye all; hoping GOD's helps. i used to be there but JESUS made my mind up for me, i stopped and so can you. i have honestly been in the fast life at least 4 times, i had to stand up to people who thought they could be every bodies ass, punks. of course we moved from new york to a semi poorer envirnoment but we were okay. i know some people think they are snuity. i always love the underdog. they got a friend in me.
  • The reason why i sent this is because, I like her and she smart. I think shes a cool person to get to know. My mom tells me anythings possiable.

    What i think about Anglea Simmons. She is very attractive, she keeps up on style like her father and ect. She keep it real and she's very smart.The thing I like about her is she dont give up and shes a hard worker. She not sared to say what she has to say, and thats big to me. She willing to try different things, no t to manny girls do that. She is a good girl and i know her family is proud to have her. Even though i'm talking about her, the family is cool to. Very cool.I think its good to have more smart and pretty young black females in this world we need more. My fellow football player thats on my team turned me on to yall show, now i love it. I wish hopefully one day i can meet her, I think we have alot of thins in common. That only if Daddy let me.