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Angelica Bridges

Angelica Bridges


11/20/1973, Harrisonville, Missouri (USA)

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Also Known As

Anjelica Bridges, Angelica Bridges-Souray, Angie Bridges
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Angelica Bridges was born November 20, in the small town of Harrisonville, Missouri. A small-town girl, Angelica was a tomboy throughout her childhood, preferring horseback riding and fishing rather than playing dress-up. If she did play dress-up, it was in dance outfits while taking dance lessons since the…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In 1999, she came in 50 on Maxim magazine's 50 sexiest women in the world.

    • She has a daughter Valentina Raine Souray (born September 22, 2003) in Los Angeles with her ex-husband Sheldon Souray.

    • Her height is 5' 8½" (1.74 m).

    • In 1992, Bridges was crowned, California Young Miss of America.

      She actually enjoys entertaining the world with her wide array of animal sounds and cartoon voices and lends her voice to many national radio commercials.

  • Quotes

    • Angelica: The world is constantly looking at you as if you're under a microscope. That can put a lot of pressure on any human being!

    • Angelica Bridges: On my first day of work, I had to revive Michael Bergin. It was also his first week on the program and he wasn't used to getting mouth-to-mouth. I was really into character, my lips were on his and I was blowing while trying to remember everything from CPR class. Then, all of a sudden, this fool starts puckering his lips and kissing me.

    • Angelica: I've been asked before if my butt was real, and of course it is. I guess it's just so round and perky for someone so tiny.

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