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  • She's SUPERB! I love her watching on Power Rangers Mystic Force and she is the perfect one to act as Vida Rocca. She's my favourite pink ranger and the best pink ranger ever!moreless

    Angie is a superb actress and is the most apt for being the pink mystic ranger. I wish I could see her once more being a power ranger multiple times just as Tommy Oliver. It feels too great to see her as Vida and hope she goes on! I really really really really like her and inspire her. :-)

    She is also the best siter pair with Melannie Vallejo aka Madison Rocca. They really match each other and I wish if I could see them back stage together. Its too too too nice to see Angie as the pink mystic ranger and she was the one who made me love Power Rangers.moreless
  • A truly great actress who kicks ass. I truly love her.

    This is one of the best actresses ever. I am so gonna use her in my new series. she had a year-long role in power rangers. She was truly great in it. She recently had a role as Racheal on the show, All saints. I saw it, wasn't that good. Bit she was freakin awesome. I cannoot believe her calibur. Of course I also liked her being cast as the pink ranger. But hey, what can I say. In this fine, but strange day in age: Every single person in the world is an honest to god Tv and movie critic.moreless