Angus Deayton





1/6/1956 , London, England

Birth Name

Gordon Angus Deayton




Angus Deayton, born Gordon Angus Deayton, was born on January 6th 1956 to an insurance broker and a home economics teacher. He was brought up in Surrey and showed early promise as a football, so much so he tried out at Crystal Palace.

Deayton went on to study at New College, Oxford, where his comic talent was discovered.

In 1981, Deayton got his big break in the entertainment world. He hosted BBC Radio 4's comedy show Radio Active, a parody of other radio stations at the time.

In 1989 the show got transferred to TV, in the form of KYTV. It ended in 1993.

During the early '90s Deayton had a recurring role against Rowan Atkinson on the sitcom Mr. Bean.

In 1990, Deayton acquired his most prestigious role to date: the host of comedy panel show Have I Got News For You. Deayton would host for show until 2002.

In May 2002 tabloid newspaper, News of the World, printed a story claiming Deayton paid regular visits to a prostitute and was a heavy cocaine user. While the BBC were startled by these reports, they allowed him to carry on as host.

However, in late 2002 a further ring of allegations occurred. This time the BBC had "no choice" but to fire Deayton from the show that had made him a household name.

Today, Deayton's popularity has declined, but he is gradually appearing on television again. Today he is the host of the BBC comedy panel show Would I Lie To You?.