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  • A smug git but hilarious because of it!

    Brilliant!!! And smug!!!
    Angus Deayton may be 50 years old now, but he is still as good as he always was. His smug approach on Have I Got News For You was extraordinary, although he did acknowledge this when he got a well-deserved kicking on the infamous episode of Have I Got News For You. But his skill in presenting Help Your Self was evident too, because, although it was similar to his delivery on Have I Got News For You, it reminded me of what was lost on Have I Got News For You. But the less said about Bognor or Bust the better. In my eyes, it didn’t fail because of Angus; it failed because the idea was just dire.
    Angus Deayton is also a very talented actor, as demonstrated on One Foot In The Grave (as Victor’s long-suffering neighbour, Patrick) and Nighty Night.