Angus Oblong

Angus Oblong


Sacremento, California, U.S.A.

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Engelbert Humperdink
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A very mysterious man, Angus Oblong (which is not his real name) is an author and animater. He has created The Oblongs a animated show with people who have deformaties. He never has really told his age, but yet many different ages. He has written, directed, voiced, published,…more


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    • Angus Oblong:(What Angus thinks of this dear site on him) Ha. I just read all about me on your site. Nice

    • Angus has confirmed that is real name is a secret even to his closest friends. Angus claims his real name is written on the bottom of something he owns, something anyone can come over and pick up, but nobody has found it yet.

    • Angus claims to have been born and raised in the Bay Area in Northern California, but traveled with his family living in nearly every state in the US.

    • Oblong attended UC Berkely for two years studying art and theatre.

    • At 17, Angus lived in both Maine and Texas, switching schools half-way through the year, which was common for his teen years.

    • Oblong often refers to people in a very strange way as an example instead of saying "A little girl" Oblong might say "A small female human".

    • Has referred to himself as "disgusting".

    • In an interview when asked if there was anything he would like to say to Richard Simmons he replied: Angus Oblong:
      "Yes. Please tell Richard that he should wear more clothes when he comes on my television. Due to his lack of clothing & hairy back, I am finding myself strangely attracted to him."

    • Oblong claims to own a pet pig with the name The Countess.

    • Oblong is a very big fan of baby Kermit the Frog stuffed animals.

    • Oblong hopes to do art for a published book again sometime in the near future.

    • Angua likes the animated shows;title;0,;title;0 and;title;0.

    • Oblong is very good at calligraphy.

    • Oblong has created a new series called Deliriously Jen.

    • The first published Oblong created entitled Creepy Susie and 13 Other Tragic Tales For Troubled Children was made into a show called The Oblongs and aired on the WB and once cancelled on that network was picked up for syndication by both Adult Swim, a division of Cartoon Network, TBS and for you Canadians TeleToon. Both networks show episodes sporadically. All 13 episodes were put onto a DVD entitled The Oblongs: The Complete Twisted Series which is on sale now!

    • Keeps his idenitty hidden to the public.

    • Angus wrote the book Creepy Susie and 13 other tragic tales for troubled children, which was made into an animated television show.

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