Angus Sampson

Angus Sampson


Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

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Angus Murray Lincoln Walker Sampson


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A former rugby player, Sampson studied medicine before deciding to pursue an acting career.


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    • Angus describing his play, Happy New
      Angus Sampson: There's a big revelation in the play at the conclusion that puts it all into perspective. That's why I act - to discover.

    • Angus Sampson: I've had many offers from nightclubs and the like - why would they offer money to someone like me to hang out? In the end, I'm just glad I didn't do it. I remember patting myself on the back one day and saying, 'Thank God you survived as a struggling actor and didn't take the bait and sell your soul for a $100 drink card.'

    • Angus Sampson: The things that you get approached to do if you're even a minor celebrity profile is phenomenal. Things like Celebrity Hypnosis are just . . . well, everything I've done so far I've been proud of. So you ask yourself, 'Would I be proud of Celebrity Hypnosis long term?' The answer is no.

    • (Angus talking about his Maggi Ads)
      Angus Sampson: I'm really proud they were so memorable, I was up in the Whitsundays and met a group of blokes who were on . . . an end-of-footy season tour. What a beautiful moment - no one wants to be associated with something you put in a microwave and eat, but if you are, why not do it well?

    • Angus Sampson: I'm drawn to acting because I love imagining things. My imagination is probably my favourite tool of mine. And it's great playing dress ups, you know, being somebody else and forgetting your worries.

    • Angus Sampson: I'm a very curious person, I'd love to bungy jump but I can't ensure the survival of it. I'd love to be a Roman gladiator but how am I going to do that unless I act the part?

    • Angus Sampson: I pride myself in the things I turn down. I've turned down every (advertising) job I've been offered since the 10:30 show finished on the ABC. I want to work with people who inspire me. I don't want to work for people who go 'Angus here is two and a half grand a week for you to appear in Celebrity become a chook when I tap you on the shoulder and count to three. If I had a mortgage to pay I'd do it but I don't.

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  • A great original comedian...

    Angus Sampson is one of the funniest man to hit television. He is soo talented that he has appeared in many high ranked tv shows such as Blue Heelers, The Secret Life of Us and Stingers. He is also well known for his Maggi noodles ads. He has an original flare for comedy and shows his quick witt and spontaneity in the highly successful show, Thank God You're here, which he has one the award for best performer on several occasions. He is up there in the top ten comedians, compared to people such as Carl Baron, The Umblicial Brothers and Josh Lawson. Give him a prop and he will successfully use that prop to make everyone in the audience laugh and smile. He is original and SHOULD get his own show...

    I wouldn't be surprised if he is one of the most successful comedians in Australia. 10/10moreless