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  • Cute kids come in small bunches, chubby cheeks tend to disappear with age. But not in this case.

    Angus, my favorite type of beef also one of my favorite child actors. He is one of the funniest kids i have seen in ages on national television. A child with such determination and desire to succeed. I don't know how he is on set with keeping a straight face or what not but it seems that he is very mature for his age with his acting. I wish this kid all the best in teh future and hope he keeps up with comedy cause he has a art for it even though it is written by someone else. Good Luck!
  • Our family did not watch this show. Weird enough in this big world peoplewould come us to telling us about "Jake" & how much he&our son look alike. We tuned in & have never tuned out. Angus you are a wonderful actor; you have a grea

    We love the show; we love Jake and we hope he gets more air time. Pleeze put him in more scenes. Don't get us wrong we love Charlie and Alan and we LOVE the writers but please try to tune in to more of the early teen items. Our son is the same age of Jake and as we said earlier they look and act sooo much alike it's unreal for us so we want to see more of Angus in those 30 minute shows. He is so great in the way he delivers his lines and his style is one of a kind - the guy has a great life in store for him! Keep up the wonderful shows and keep trading those quips with Charlie and Alan!
  • Angus is a young man who will go very far, FAST! To see how much he's already acomplished at such a young age as Hollywood's richest child actor, just click on the word >

    Angus is an excellent actor that will transition into adult roles very easily. Most people don't realize that he is a lot older than he looks. Those big eyes and chubby cheeks will turn 18 on October 8, 2011. He was actually nine years old when he signed his first contract for 2 & a Half Men, looking like a five year old. He makes $250,000 per episode making him the richest child star in Hollywood if not the whole world! The other things he's done are: 1999 Simpatico (French) and See Spot Run 2001 TV's ER Episode: "Quo Vadis?" and Dinner Friends (a TV movie) 2002 The Rookie and Bringing Down the House 2003 Audrey's Rain (a TV movie) and George of the Jungle 2 (a TV movie) 2003 to present, Two & a Half Men 2005 The Christmas Blessing (a TV movie) 2010 Hannah Montana Forever as a guest star. Well, that's the list for NOW, as I'm sure that Angus will just keep on adding to it.
  • You go Angus!

    I am so proud of your comments about the sitcom. All of you are very talented, and if the show was cleaned up, I have no doubt your audience would grow. All of you work very well together. You just need writers whose minds aren't filled with gutter garbage. There are plenty of long running, very popular sicoms that are suitable for family entertainment. Instead of dropping the show, clean it up. Sex and filth are not all that sells. Millions of Christian families would love more wholesome shows. The problem is the writers. All they can produce is filth because that's what their hearts are made of, filth. You have a talented crew, so look for writers with values., and hearts with virtue. Consider the writers that created shows like Home Improvement, Reba, Taxi, Cheers, and a long list of other successful sitcoms that were suitable for the whole family, and supported Christian family values. Your fellow actors are what sell the garbage, but you could just as easily sell a wholesome family sitcom. We "were" watching because you're all funny as a team, and we'll come back to watching if your team cleans up the show. Think about it! Two and a Half Men could be funny without the filth. If your writers won't budge, get rid of them. There are plenty of producers willing to provide wholesome entertainment. "Seek and ye shall find." They're out there. Just trust in God and the measure of faith He has given all men. Its what you do with your faith that brings the desired results!
  • Leave the show and go away from Hollywood.

    Bad actor. Spoiled rich kid.
  • Negative comments made about Angus's T. Jones opinion's

    I am disturbed by some of the negative comments made about Angus's opinion's.

    Give the kid a break, he was a child actor, his parents set him up for that, he grew up on the show. He didn't just walk in the studio and say I want a job. Lord knows what he has been exposed to on that show through the years. So many child actors have been swallowed up in the hollywood fast lane, and unable to cope and handle success. For one reason or another he came to a crossroad in his life, where as he has reached out to religion. Becoming a true christian is far better then getting into drugs and alcohol.
  • Good going with God

    Finally a Christian Hollywoodsters.

    Thank you Jesus!

    Keep it up, stay true to your faith, bless you. Please stay strong in the Lord.

    God Bless.
  • Angus T. Jones

    We love the show; we love Jake and we hope he gets more air time. Pleeze put him in more scenes. Don't get us wrong we love Charlie and Alan and we LOVE the writers but please try to tune in to more of the early teen items