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  • Our family did not watch this show. Weird enough in this big world peoplewould come us to telling us about "Jake" & how much he&our son look alike. We tuned in & have never tuned out. Angus you are a wonderful actor; you have a grea

    We love the show; we love Jake and we hope he gets more air time. Pleeze put him in more scenes. Don't get us wrong we love Charlie and Alan and we LOVE the writers but please try to tune in to more of the early teen items. Our son is the same age of Jake and as we said earlier they look and act sooo much alike it's unreal for us so we want to see more of Angus in those 30 minute shows. He is so great in the way he delivers his lines and his style is one of a kind - the guy has a great life in store for him! Keep up the wonderful shows and keep trading those quips with Charlie and Alan!