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  • Angus is a young man who will go very far, FAST! To see how much he's already acomplished at such a young age as Hollywood's richest child actor, just click on the word >

    Angus is an excellent actor that will transition into adult roles very easily. Most people don't realize that he is a lot older than he looks. Those big eyes and chubby cheeks will turn 18 on October 8, 2011. He was actually nine years old when he signed his first contract for 2 & a Half Men, looking like a five year old. He makes $250,000 per episode making him the richest child star in Hollywood if not the whole world! The other things he's done are: 1999 Simpatico (French) and See Spot Run 2001 TV's ER Episode: "Quo Vadis?" and Dinner Friends (a TV movie) 2002 The Rookie and Bringing Down the House 2003 Audrey's Rain (a TV movie) and George of the Jungle 2 (a TV movie) 2003 to present, Two & a Half Men 2005 The Christmas Blessing (a TV movie) 2010 Hannah Montana Forever as a guest star. Well, that's the list for NOW, as I'm sure that Angus will just keep on adding to it.