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  • You go Angus!

    I am so proud of your comments about the sitcom. All of you are very talented, and if the show was cleaned up, I have no doubt your audience would grow. All of you work very well together. You just need writers whose minds aren't filled with gutter garbage. There are plenty of long running, very popular sicoms that are suitable for family entertainment. Instead of dropping the show, clean it up. Sex and filth are not all that sells. Millions of Christian families would love more wholesome shows. The problem is the writers. All they can produce is filth because that's what their hearts are made of, filth. You have a talented crew, so look for writers with values., and hearts with virtue. Consider the writers that created shows like Home Improvement, Reba, Taxi, Cheers, and a long list of other successful sitcoms that were suitable for the whole family, and supported Christian family values. Your fellow actors are what sell the garbage, but you could just as easily sell a wholesome family sitcom. We "were" watching because you're all funny as a team, and we'll come back to watching if your team cleans up the show. Think about it! Two and a Half Men could be funny without the filth. If your writers won't budge, get rid of them. There are plenty of producers willing to provide wholesome entertainment. "Seek and ye shall find." They're out there. Just trust in God and the measure of faith He has given all men. Its what you do with your faith that brings the desired results!