Anissa Jones

Anissa Jones


3/11/1958, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA



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Mary Anissa Jones


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Anissa spent most of her childhood portraying the role of Buffy on Family Affair. At home, she had a rocky relationship with her mother, and later moved in with her father and his fianc. When he died, she moved back with her mother. When she became a teenager,…more


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    • Anissa Jones: I can read...except for a very big word we sometimes have. Like the word philosopher. Do you know what a philosopher is?'s a man that thinks a lot, but doesn't do anything much about it.

  • Anissa deserved so much better

    This little girl was rode harder than the average Hollywood workhorse, and all she wanted to be was herself, on her own terms.

    Fame is a novelty. At first, it's nice to be noticed, to have a little privilege, to get around and meet other famous people, but after awhile the cost bears down on you. In Anissa's case, it was "role becomes the actor": everybody wanted "Buffy", nobody wanted Anissa. Don Fedderson Productions and CBS saw to it that the world got Buffy, not Anissa: they pushed her from town to town on publicity tours, made her lug Mrs. Beasley and wear pigtails at 13, forced her to bind her chest and make her look forever 6 or 7. And the mom? God, her. She was a drill sergeant. When Anissa's mom, Paula, was around her, Paula barked and Anissa jumped. After it was all over, Paula kept pushing Anissa to get new roles, to keep pushing the Buffy niche. After all, they had a beach-house mortgage (the same house recently appraised for $1.5 million).

    During the Buffy years, Paula pushed hard. Even before then, she was showing her stripe: husband John filed for divorce on grounds of mental cruelty, always harassing him and accusing him of being gay (which he was not, but a woman like her can drive any guy to that). Brian Keith once made note that one time on the set, Paula was escorted off the Desilu property for being out of control because fellow actors and staff noticed that Anissa had marks on her wrists, which were later believed to be from Paula tying Anissa to her bed for not wanting to go to another publicity circus. Could you blame Anissa? She just wanted this over at 13 or 14 and to resume a normal life. That wasn't good enough for Mom...

    Anissa's career as Buffy was wholly eclipsed by the divorce, finally settled in 1973 when father John got custody. Anissa finally felt a little secure: her dad had a fiance and he had both kids. Even with the kids' hijinks, things were doing well enough. Until less than one year later, John's alcoholism caught up and he died of heart disease four days before Anissa's 16th birthday, which she 'celebrated' by scattering his ashes at sea.

    Custody reverted back to mom. Brother Paul complied, Anissa did not. All those years she tried to reach out to her mom for approval, for love, but she couldn't stand being around her most of the time, so she stayed with others. Mother Dearest's solution: report Anissa as a runaway, landing Anissa in juvenile custody for months. Here is where her 'white underworld' life began. After release, she got into partying and drugs, but not to the point of total abandon: she still had plans, but plans required money.

    On her 18th birthday, her money came to her: cash and savings bonds, a lot of it. Anissa promptly moved out and took Paul with her, renting an apartment by her old school. Soon, that apartment came up for sale and she negotiated purchase, as well as started negotiating to buy the daycare she worked at. In the meantime, the partying and drugs continued, until just over 5 months later...

    This was Anissa's last fling before entering the adult world. Monies for the apartment building were in escrow, the signing ceremony was to be on Monday, August 30th bot tonight was Friday the 27th. Party. Anissa paid some bills, bought some illegally-prescribed Seconal pills from one Dr. Don Carlos Moshos in Torrance, picked up some friends and drove to Oceanside to 'babysit' 14-year-old Helen Hennessey, whose dad was on a weeklong shift at his job. And thus began the party, with people ranging in age from 21 years to a stunningly-low 12. And the party went on.

    Helen was the last to see Anissa alive: they talked briefly, Helen noting that Anissa could barely walk when she went back to her room with Allan "Butch" Koven.

    Saturday morning, it was all over. at 11:30, someone tried to awaken Anissa, but it was too late. Anissa was gone, "A Pill Too Far", and pandemonium ensued. In the end, Anissa died of a self-induced, accidental overdose of cocaine, PCP-laced marijuana, Quaaludes and the Seconal. Investigators found the envelope the Seconal came in, along with Moshos' name & address. He was currently under covert investigation for selling drugs to kids out of his office, with kids literally lined up around the block to buy. Moshos was arrested and charged with the offenses, as well as 2nd Degree Murder for Anissa.

    In the meantime, Anissa was cremated and spread out to sea without funeral or other ceremony. That was that.

    Moshos cooperated with the law, said he was terminally ill and padding his estate for his family. Before his death, the murder charges were dropped and he died shortly after Christmas of 1976. Paula and Paul sued Moshos' estate for $400,000 and were awarded $79,500 in July of '79.

    Paul died of cocaine abuse 4 days after what would've been Anissa's 26th birthday: March 15, 1984. Paula died in Detroit on January 14, 2012. There were no survivors to the family name.

    She could've had a great life. On her own terms, at last.moreless