Anita Barone

Anita Barone


9/25/1964, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

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Education University of Detroit Detroit, Michigan BFA 0 Wayne State University Detroit, Michigan MFA theater 0


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In 2004, Anita won the award for Best Supporting Actress for One Last Ride (2003).

    • Anita is married to Matthew Glave and they have two daughters named Madeline and Roxanne.

    • She is 5'4" tall.

    • Anita was nominated for a 2006 Teen Choice Award in the category "TV - Choice Parental Unit" along with Michael Rapaport for her work in The War at Home. In 2004, Anita also won the MethodFest Best Supporting Actress for the movie One Last Ride (2003).

    • Played the original Susan, Ross's lesbian ex-wife on Friends. She left the show after one appearance to find more full time work. She appeared in episode 2 and was replaced by Jane Sibbett for episode 9 and the series.

  • Quotes

  • The only thing I like about "the War at Home."

    I like Anita Barone a lot and that why I'm sticking to "The War at Home." I usually watch "the War at Home" every week, if I miss that show, I won't get my Anita Barone fix. I don;t know whatever or not that Anita is married, because I got a crush on her. I don't like the pilot when she was smoking. I hate that. Seeing a beautiful woman like Anita Barone smoke is very sad. the clothes she wore in the series is very sexy. I love her very much. she gorgeous. I'll watch "The War at Home," just to see Anita.moreless