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Anjali Jay was raised in Bangalore, in what she describes as a very Bohemian family. She graduated from Sophia's High School and went on to obtain a B.A. from Mount Caramel College, and a Master's degree in Dance Theater from Laban Centre. She performed in a number of…more


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    • Anjali Jay: Ultimately, I don't think there is one type of Indian family-to say that would be like making a blanket statement about a Subcontinent.

    • Anjali Jay:(On attending London's Laban Centre for Movement and Dance) If I was to question that journey, it would make no sense. But my family has always understood that I wanted to work in the performance field and they've been very supportive.

    • Anjali Jay: (On filming Blind Dating) I walked into cameras, make-up ladies, and bumped into every bit of scenery you could find.

    • Anjali Jay: (On expectations of fame after staring in Blind Dating) We've all grown up watching American movies. But in the end, whatever happens, happens. It's hard not to get excited. In fact, I dare you not to get excited at the thought of working on a film. I've discovered that there are so many talented people, not just performers, but behind the camera and behind the scenes. And they all come together to create this beautiful lie.

    • Anjali Jay: (Comparing her roles in Robin Hood and Blind Dating) It's a very physical show, there's lots of running around. Leeza was so unapologetically female, and I adored the femininity of her character. But Djaq's a kick-ass chick.

    • Anjali Jay: (About her Blind Dating co-star Sendhil Ramamurthy) A lovely, lovely, lovely man. I don't have one bad word to say about him.

    • Anjali Jay: (About her movie Blind Dating) I'd read the script, and knew it needed a director to give it a good, happy shape. It's a well-written story with warm humor; it's got this inclusive warmth, not exclusive wit.

    • Anjali Jay:(On interracial relationships) In this day and age, they work as much as any other relationship works or doesn't work. In the end, it's all about a sense of humor and always having something to talk about.

    • Anjali Jay:(On the difference between theater and films) When you're onstage, you build up a theatrical stamina, you have to teach yourself not to anticipate things because you've done it 50 times before. With film, you've got to make sure that you don't anticipate again, but with the cameras this time. The main difference between film and theater is the focus of energy.

    • Anjali Jay:(On her upbringing) I kind of grew up with artists. I guess, if anything, you could call it our family business.