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  • Should have had Katie Couric's job

    I love Ann Curry a lot
    She has a lot of hard news skills
    Coupled with good looks but most of all
    Has a heart and soul of gold
    Also she is Asian, like I am half-Asian
    Wished that she would had Katie Couric's job
    Now that Katie is going to anchor the CBS Evening News
    That kind of makes me mad as she is very talented
    But also pretty on both the outside as well as inside!
  • Long time viewer reviews

    SHe's too nervous. It's distracting. She's pretty enough, but her hair is almost always greasy looking. If she doesn't want to wash it enough because it's getting thinner and thinner, then she should swallow her pride and put on a fresh, clean looking wig. She could never have taken the co-anchor position. She's not calm enough, not comfortable with herself on air. SHe is a big sloucher too. She should be proud of her figure and her height, not awkward about those traits of hers. I doubt she'll change though, after all these years of the same issues. In the very beginning she was paced and well groomed, I think. Come back, Ann! If you can!
  • I really like Ann Curry. Keep her on!

    Ann Curry is bright, informative, engaging, knowledgeable. No matter what people say she should know that she's doing the right thing. Everyone is a critic. Even when they aren't qualified. There's always an opinion and if upper management listens to everything they'll change everything they've done just to get quick bucks and quick ratings. Upper management is usually the ones who are nervous cause they have the most to lose. Viewers will come and go in this environment. Consistency will win out.
  • Ann Curry

    Ann Curry is like a breath of fresh air. I am 60 and have watched morning tv as long as I can remember, and Ann is my all time favorite. Please keep her on the show so I don't have to change networks!! I want to give her a score of 10, but the system won't let me.