Ann Dowd





1/30/1956 , Holyoke, Massachusetts, USA

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Ann Dowd is an American actress from the East Coast, who studied Medicine at DePaul University in the 80s. After changing majors in college, Dowd started her show business career working in television on the TV drama, First Steps, in 1985. She won an award in New York, after performing in a Broadway production of Candida in 1993. Her feature film debut came in 1990, when she landed a minor role in Peter Weir's romantic comedy, Green Card. She followed up the performance working in two box-office hits, Lorenzo's Oil (1992) and Philadelphia (1993). Dowd returned to television playing characters over the next ten years. She was the only actress to appear in all four Law and Order TV shows, and she became a regular on the TV series, Nothing Sacred. Dowd returned to motion pictures in 2004 to reignite her film career in the comedy Garden State. She would also go on to appear in Marley & Me in 2008, opposite actors Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson.