Ann Magnuson





1/4/1956 , Charleston, West Virginia, USA

Birth Name



Ann Magnuson is an American performer. She was born in Charleston, West Virginia, on 4 January 1956. Her mother was a journalist and her father was a lawyer. After graduating from University she moved to New York where she found work in nightclubs as a DJ. She was a singer in the bands Pulsallama and Vulcan Death Grip. Magnuson started acting on-screen in 1982 when she played Pamela in Vortex. She went on to appear in the films Desperately Seeking Susan, A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon, Clear and Present Danger, and Chasing Tchaikovsky. Her television credits include The Drew Carey Show, Anything But Love, and All Grown Up. Magnuson toured for three years with her one woman stage show Pretty Songs and Ugly Stories. She was in the cabaret show Dueling Harps, and has also released two solo albums, and written for the magazine Paper. Magnuson and architect John Bertram married in 2002.