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  • Why is she even on this show!?

    Anna Belknap or let's just call her "Miss Boring" because that's how I feel every time I see her on TV. I can't help it, but she is totally and completely the wrong choice for CSI:NY which is based on a fast-paced lifestyle in NYC. There is just no chemistry between Carmine & Anna, so that's one huge reason why Danny/Lindsay don't seem convincing to me! She might be an okay actress in other TV shows/movies, but she doesn't hit it off in CSI:NY. She plays the role of the Montana girl pretty convincing though, and that's what makes her so extremely boring. That's all what she has to offer and nothing else. I really miss Vanessa Ferlito who was perfect for the show. She had charisma, and there was this particular chemistry between Carmine and her. The character Lindsay has nothing interesting to offer. Her character attributes are plain and simple...I think Lindsay just doesn't fit in with the other cast. If I watch a TV show like CSI:NY, I expect the cast & people to be as powerful as the city itself. Anna Belknap and/or Lindsay is annoying and would be better off in a TV show that's about a country girl!
  • he last show was very interesting and had alot of challange for the viewers.

    I love her personality in the show. She is different than the other characters and I like the way she express her feelings on the crimes. Her personality and knowledge being from a different state than N.Y. makes her evaluate the crimes a little different than the other crime scene investigators.
  • Anna is an outstanding actress!

    Anna plays Lindsay Monroe as the new girl in CSI:NY replacing Aidne Burn/Vanessa Ferlito. I'm amazed to see that Anna does a great job in playing this role! She has the intelligent girl look which fits the Lindsay role!

    And i hope her charcater in CSI:NY will expand more esp her r'ship wih Danny/Carmine. She and Danny just look adorable together(I'm a D/L shipper)!

    Now, Anna's pregnant with her first child! She's so dedicated as she continues filming although she's pregnant. She will not be featured in a few episodes as she will be on her maternity leave. All the best to Anna!!
  • Charismatic, gourgous, brilliant actress.

    Charismatic, gourgous, brilliant actress.

    She does Lindsay Monroe in CSI: NY so well, from the country girl attitude (probably because she's a country girl herself. and her chemistry with Danny Messer (she has off-screen chemistry with Carmine Giovinazzo too) do her intesity in some interrogation scenes and the sadness she acts in some scenes. She is also really pretty. I wub her character Lindsay Monroe because she is so like me. Before that I admired her in Medical Investigation and Handler. She inspires me with my own acting, I want to be an actress like her. Or a forensic scientist.
  • She is one of the best/ prettiest actresses out!

    Anna Belknap is definatley something special, i believe that in season one os CSI: NY was missing something untill she came along which i think really gave the show what it needed a funny normal nice country gal from Montana, she matches danny and her role fits perfectly into the show, i also think anna is a superb actress and really brings character to her role, shes acts like the perfect part, she really fits in, she is an excellent actress and i cant wait to see what else the writers bring her to do which will really show off her talents and what she is able to do as an actress. i hope she will continue to do what she is doing becasue she is a big part of what makes the show so great! EXCELLENT ACTRESS
  • Stunning and talented.

    I credit Anna with bringing a new light into the show. While the first season was good, once she appeared it was much lighter, almost cheerier. I love both her and Lindsay, and I think she does a wonderful job portraying her. I know that her and Carmine are really good friends (I read that they accidentally bumped into each other and that's where that scene from ZY came from cause the writers saw chemistry there. SQUEE!!!)

    From what I have heard and read, Anna is a total sweetheart (she looks it too) and is very laid-back. She is gorgeous and I love her hair and smile. They're so beautiful.
  • Beautiful and extremely talented: What's there more to need?

    Anna Belknap is really gifted.

    She is an exceptional actress who comes across as light-hearted, smart, brilliant and witty. Her beginning in CSI:NY brought a new light to the show, so that Season 2 was totally different form the first one. Anna managed to win the viewer's hearts in seconds.

    Her smile, her gorgeous hair, her petite figur: She is a really beautiful woman. I wish I'd look like her...

    In season 3 of CSI:NY she showed that she is really the brilliant actress I credit her to be. Her acting of the difficulties Lindsay had with her own past were so exceptional that I can only take my hat off to her.

    She deserves her place in my heart!
  • Great in CSI:NY

    I don't mind her. I think the writer's screwed up on the 'Lindsay's past storyline' it seemed rushed and they could of think of something else to cover her absence during her maternity leave.

    I agree when people say that she does the less serious scenes better but I don't think her acting is as bad as people say it is. Maybe because I started watching CSI:NY in season 2 and then went back to season 1 and saw Vanessa Ferlito I prefer Anna/Lindsay to Vanessa/Aiden.

    Anna has great chemistry with all the other cast members especially Mac/Gary.

    I also saw her in Medical Investigation and when she was in Without a Trace that time and she was good in them aswell but I do prefer her in CSI:NY.
  • she's great actress.

    I've loved the character of Lindsay since the first time I saw her in Zoo York. I like the dynamic she brings to the show as a whole as well as to Danny and Mac's characters. I think Anna Belknap is doing a bang up job with what she has been given. She's doing her job there and l love D/L. They're so cute!!! I hope Danny and Lindsay will stay together. I can't wait until next season. Anna belknap is talented and gorgeous actress!!!!!!
    Lindsay is my favorite character!!! She's so really pretty. I love her smile!!
  • Anna Belknap is the finest lady on this earth, taltented beautiful and much more! Lets see more apperances by her! and we need a fansite!!

    Anna Belknap is the finest lady on this earth, taltented beautiful and much more!

    Just a sensational woman of extreme sbstance and character. Of supreme beauty and charm.

    WHAT AN ACTRESS 10/10 !!!!!!

    Lets see more apperances by her! and we need a fansite!!

    way to go Anna baby! i love you !!
  • Not a good actress

    Her acting is wooden on CSI: NY. Belknap seems uncomfortable playing Lindsay Monroe. I've seen her in other things, such as "Medical Investigation" and her acting was better there. I do have to admit she does have a lot of chemistry with the cast, especially Carmine Giovanazzo. She brings no life to Lindsay Monroe. For example, in "Sleight out of Hand", her crying in the testimony was beyond fake. I could barely watch her.

    I haven't heard much about her personality, but Anna Belknap seems down to earth and judging by her interviews, laidback. In my opinion, she was miscast in CSI: NY as Lindsay Monroe