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  • Why is she even on this show!?

    Anna Belknap or let's just call her "Miss Boring" because that's how I feel every time I see her on TV. I can't help it, but she is totally and completely the wrong choice for CSI:NY which is based on a fast-paced lifestyle in NYC. There is just no chemistry between Carmine & Anna, so that's one huge reason why Danny/Lindsay don't seem convincing to me! She might be an okay actress in other TV shows/movies, but she doesn't hit it off in CSI:NY. She plays the role of the Montana girl pretty convincing though, and that's what makes her so extremely boring. That's all what she has to offer and nothing else. I really miss Vanessa Ferlito who was perfect for the show. She had charisma, and there was this particular chemistry between Carmine and her. The character Lindsay has nothing interesting to offer. Her character attributes are plain and simple...I think Lindsay just doesn't fit in with the other cast. If I watch a TV show like CSI:NY, I expect the cast & people to be as powerful as the city itself. Anna Belknap and/or Lindsay is annoying and would be better off in a TV show that's about a country girl!