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    • Anna: (about her first pregnancy not being written in 'CSI: NY') I would get a little vain about how huge I was and they weren't telling everyone that I was pregnant. I had vanity issues. It's hard to be on your feet all the time so the director would block me sitting down.

    • Anna: When we had this storyline of Danny cheating on Lindsay, I had people coming up to say, "What he did to you was wrong!" and stuff like that.

    • Anna: CSI the first one is studious, CSI Miami is hot and ours, I would say, is much more complex to me, I can't sum it up in one word. But I guess I would say edgy?

    • Anna: (about Gary Sinise) He's like a hero to actors because of Steppenwolf, which he founded right out of high school--that's like one of the premiere start-up theater companies in America. So he's really famous to all of us. It was great and just really cool to get to work with him. He's just so good!

    • Anna: [Maine] informs my whole approach to acting. This character I play [in CSI: NY] is supposed to be from Montana. The whole 'coming from a smaller, outdoorsy place'-I thought of how I felt when I went to New York.

    • Anna: (on whether she gets the 'star-treatment') I don't get recognized because I look different-they make my hair different, and I definitely dress better on the show. [In real life], I look like a Mainer. I don't dress up.

    • Anna: (on Gary Sinise and Melina Kanakaredes) Gary has amazing stories. He's a brilliant actor. Melina is a fabulous actress and fun. We goof around-keeping it light since we deal with blood and guts all day.

    • Anna: (on what made her want to be a part of 'CSI: NY') I really thought they were well done and I liked the idea that people used their brains to solve crimes and not their brawn.

    • (Anna on who the joksters on the CSI: NY set are)
      Anna: I think it's kind of all of us! I definitely do my fair share of joking around, but so does Eddie [Cahill, Don Flack]. He's kind of a clown, and Carmine is too. Everybody is pretty funny. I can't think of a practical joke! Mainly we crack up when things go wrong or when lines are all wrong, blooper kind of things, which there are a lot of.

    • (on working with Gary and Melina)
      Anna: I did a play in New York with a woman who was in Steppenwolf, but I didn't know Gary and had never worked with him. But he's amazing! He is so good-he is really kind of unbelievable. I hadn't worked with Melina either-I had watched Providence before but not regularly. But I worked with Kelli Williams last year and she had worked with Melina and told me how nice she was.

    • (about how she got the role of Lindsay Monroe in 'CSI:NY')
      Anna: Basically the way it works out here is that you get auditions and you go in. I knew Hill Harper was on the show. I can't remember if I talked to him about it before or after I went in to audition. I was actually auditioning for Numb3rs-they needed somebody new on that show--and I didn't wind up getting that and then they were like, "Well, what about CSI: New York? So I was like, "Great!" So I went in, and I think they videotaped it and sent it off to executive producers Jerry Bruckheimer and Anthony Zuiker, and then I got it.

    • (Anna talks about what she wants to see explored about Lindsay in the future of CSI:NY)
      Anna: I'd like to see a little bit more of why she wanted to become a CSI, her backstory, to see a little bit more of that come through. I'd like to see her grow into her own. One of the things I've been learning as I go, that's been a challenge for me, is figuring out the interrogation scenes, figuring out Lindsay's style in those. I think there's more to her than just being able to be tough. I think she has a kind of light-hearted energy that she can even bring to things like that I want to explore more. I think it will be interesting as she gets really comfortable in the lab to see even more sides of her--see that excited stuff, see that square side of her, maybe a relationship!

    • (On how close Anna is to the cast outside of work)
      Anna: Not too much. We don't hang out. Carmine and I live near each other so I've bumped into him in a café, and Hill I see occasionally. If Gary's band is playing we'll all try to go. They played on the lot at Christmas time which was awesome. But no, we don't really hang out too much. The four of us--Eddie, Carmine, Hill and I--all are in this little bungalow [which houses the dressing rooms], which is fun. It's like college. Eddie, Carmine and I were playing a lot [of guitar] for a while. And Carmine and I would sing our scenes, we'd sing the lines of the scenes, which is actually a good exercise. It frees you up a bit.

    • (On whether Anna has a favorite role)
      Anna: You know, it's hard [to pick]. It's funny because you start to like the people you play, you start to really care about them, so it's hard to pick a favorite. But I like Lindsay. This character I played last year, I couldn't stand her at the beginning. I thought it was so far from me, this character on Medical Investigation and then by the time the season was over, I really liked her. And some stuff I've done in plays--I played Marina in Pericles and that was one of my favorite parts.

    • (Anna talks about her favorite episode or a favorite moment for Lindsay from what she have done so far)
      Anna: I liked a lot the scene in the dumpster where she finds the rifle ("Bad Beat"). I liked a lot the scene where she took her shoes off outside the door ("City of the Dolls") before she interrogated the woman--I thought that was a good [glimpse] into her squareness. The thing that's kind of neat about playing Lindsay is that she's got a lot of layers. Everything is so new to her, there's a lot of role-playing she does to fit in. I feel like she's very kind of square and excited but she can kind of put on this banter, this attitude that's a little more New Yorky when she talks to Danny but then when she's with Mac it's really different, and I really like that about playing her. I thought it was neat that they had me be a little bit excited about the creepy factor of the sort of haunted house in "Cool Hunter". I like it when she gets a little tough or testy with people. I like doing the physical stuff so I liked checking that guy into the car ("Zoo York") and chasing that other guy ("Risk")--that kind of stuff is fun.

    • (Anna talks about Lindsay's and Danny's relationship)
      Anna: Well, I don't think I really have a say! I think from the very beginning Danny and I have this really great [dynamic]. It's funny because Carmine and I have it in a way too because Carmine's pretty cool and I'm so square, and he'll laugh at things I say even when I'm in my dressing room, like I sound like a little country bumpkin. So I think it just translated really fast and early onto the screen. And plus they gave him that great trick to play on me right off the bat [in Zoo York], which just gets stuff going. In that same episode [when] we were working in the lab together, the director [Norberto Barba] suggested, "Why don't you kind of bump into each other?" And that wound up being this really great unspoken moment. Carmine is just great to work with and he's really good and I feel like he really knows his character, and it's really specific and he's really free, so he's easy to play with and it's fun. And then the writers keep writing little scenes for us to do. For us, those are so much fun and give us a little break from exposition or lab work. I think [it's] that teasing thing you do when you're not sure if you like someone or you don't like them. There's something going on.

    • (On what Anna likes best about Lindsay so far)
      Anna: I love how excited she is by the work. I myself could never do this kind of thing for a living, and I admire people who do it in the real world because it's a gruesome profession and I would think a really difficult one. So I like how excited she is about it. I like how she's kind of open--I know Anthony has hinted at a backstory that is sort of bleak but that hasn't turned her into a depressive. Instead it kind of opened her up to the world--she's an open person, willing to learn. And I like her sense of fun, and I think she and I are similar in that way because I'm always joking around on the set. I think she likes to have a good laugh.