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    • (Anna talks about Lindsay's and Danny's relationship)
      Anna: Well, I don't think I really have a say! I think from the very beginning Danny and I have this really great [dynamic]. It's funny because Carmine and I have it in a way too because Carmine's pretty cool and I'm so square, and he'll laugh at things I say even when I'm in my dressing room, like I sound like a little country bumpkin. So I think it just translated really fast and early onto the screen. And plus they gave him that great trick to play on me right off the bat [in Zoo York], which just gets stuff going. In that same episode [when] we were working in the lab together, the director [Norberto Barba] suggested, "Why don't you kind of bump into each other?" And that wound up being this really great unspoken moment. Carmine is just great to work with and he's really good and I feel like he really knows his character, and it's really specific and he's really free, so he's easy to play with and it's fun. And then the writers keep writing little scenes for us to do. For us, those are so much fun and give us a little break from exposition or lab work. I think [it's] that teasing thing you do when you're not sure if you like someone or you don't like them. There's something going on.