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    • (Anna talks about her favorite episode or a favorite moment for Lindsay from what she have done so far)
      Anna: I liked a lot the scene in the dumpster where she finds the rifle ("Bad Beat"). I liked a lot the scene where she took her shoes off outside the door ("City of the Dolls") before she interrogated the woman--I thought that was a good [glimpse] into her squareness. The thing that's kind of neat about playing Lindsay is that she's got a lot of layers. Everything is so new to her, there's a lot of role-playing she does to fit in. I feel like she's very kind of square and excited but she can kind of put on this banter, this attitude that's a little more New Yorky when she talks to Danny but then when she's with Mac it's really different, and I really like that about playing her. I thought it was neat that they had me be a little bit excited about the creepy factor of the sort of haunted house in "Cool Hunter". I like it when she gets a little tough or testy with people. I like doing the physical stuff so I liked checking that guy into the car ("Zoo York") and chasing that other guy ("Risk")--that kind of stuff is fun.