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  • Anna Friel is British, though you wouldn't know it and as worthy as so many other Brits acting in "American." Add the big eyes and we have a winner.

    Anna Friel is a revelation on Pushing Daisies. It is a tough program to get one's launch because of the number of extreme close-ups each actor receives each week. However Friel's great big eyes are fantastic, lively and expressive. She gets cuter each week because of her charm and broad range of facial expressions. There is more to her though. Like Hugh Laurie, Kevin McKidd, and others, Friel continues the tradition of British actors masking their accents behind great American accents and delivering great performances in their appointed roles. As the undead "Chuck" Friel shines brightly, both for her great big expressive eyes and her natural charm and charisma. The show is the real deal, in terms of charm and creativity, and Friel easily holds her own with the cast of experienced and accomplished actors, including the divine Kristin Chenoweth.