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Anna is a graduate of Oxford School of Drama. She is a classically trained singer as a mezzo/soprano; and she has a great many athletic skills: fencing, horseback riding, skiing, body surfing, and roller blading. Anna's career in feature films, television, and theater has taken her across the globe, from Great Britain to the United States to Lithuania and to Canada.

After one season of playing Marian Fitzwalter on The New Adventures of Robin Hood, Anna starred in two series (i.e., seasons) of the Australian/British children's television series, The Genie From Down Under. In early 1998, she became a series regular on The Sentinel during the tail end of the third season.

It was during that running of that show that she met Bruce A. Young and Garett Maggart, two co-stars which she is currently working with on Moosebay Productions for While Mortals Sleep, a modern fantasy adventure internet serial, where she has been cast as Hazel, an elfin housekeeper. In the meantime, she is keeping busy with guest roles on various TV shows.

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