Anna Maria Horsford

Anna Maria Horsford


3/6/1948, Harlem, New York, New York (USA)

Birth Name

Anna Maria Horsford



Also Known As

Anna Marie Horsford
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Anna Maria Horsford is an African-American television and film actress. She has made several guest appearances in sitcoms such as The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Sparks, Moesha,The Bernie Mac Show, and Girlfriends. She is known mostly for her portrayal of "Thelma Frye" on the sitcom Amen. That led…more


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  • A very funny and versatile actress.

    Anna Maria Horsford made a splash with American audiences in the 1980s, as the character Thelma on the sitcom "Amen." Her character was the minister's daughter, and as such, lived under his loving and watchful eye. She was not quite as over the top as some of her friends in the cast, but she was light-hearted and provided a balance between the serious and the funny. After this show, Horsford went on to star in the "Wayans Brothers" show, and was again a highlight of the cast. Anna brings a warm, sweet charm to her roles and is always enjoyable to watch.moreless
  • Incredibly talented and versitile

    I first had the pleasure of watching Anna Maria Horsford in the television show Amen. She played up her role as the lovelorn daughter of the deacon, Thelma Frye, to the hilt. She often stole the show from Sherman Hemsley.

    Since the cancellation of Amen, Anna Maria has played a variety of guest starring roles, most of them dramatic. The roles have ranged from a defense attorney on "Judging Amy" to a dying scrub nurse, who was an institution at the hospital, on "Grey Anatomy".

    Anna Maria has also branched out into producing and directing. She directed an episode of "The Good News" in 1997. She was a producer on the 1978 "Watch Your Mouth".

    Even with the guest starring roles and other activies, Anna Maria has not been utilized recently to showcase her talents. She should be heading a television series, ideally a drama that mixes in a lot of comedy.moreless