Anna Nicole Smith





11/28/1967 , Mexia, Texas, USA



Birth Name

Vickie Lynn Hogan




Anna Nicole, was born Vicki Lynn Hogan on November 28, 1967 in Mexia, Texas. She was abandoned by her father, and raised by her mother and aunt, who traded her back and forth. She developed a very close relationship with her aunt and cousin, that helped her through many lonely times as a child.

Vicki, as she was known in her younger days, met and married her teen love, Billy Smith. They met at a fast food chicken restaurant, and married when she was seventeen. Later that year, they welcomed their son Daniel into the Smith family. Billy left the two a few months later, leaving Vicki alone, to fend for her son.

After trying to make ends meet, with no luck, she tried waitressing at the local topless bars. The attention that she received was for her shapely rear end...not her topless look, she had yet to receive her implants. Due to the thick nature of her body type, she was forced to take the less desirable shifts at the club, in the afternoons, on the weekdays.

During the topless club days, she tried out a few different names, including Robyn and Nikki. She decided on Anna Nicole, and stuck with it. Thankfully, she was discovered at the bar by a photographer. He shot her portfolio, and she got her implants, insisting on two in each breast. After she realized that her career was to be made on her body, she sent in pictures to be in PlayBoy. She entered the PlayBoy Cover Contest, and landed her first cover at age 24. Two years later, Anna Nicole Smith was named Playmate of the Year. That led to bigger things.

She was noticed by Paul Marciano, and cast as the new "it" girl for Guess! Jeans. She was made to look even more like her idol, Marilyn Monroe, and Jean Harlowe for the Guess! campaign, and her popularity continued to soar.

From the Jeans modeling, came a few movie roles, including a role in Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult, and The Hudsucker Proxy.

Her biggest claim to fame was still to come. She met a wealthy older man, named J.Howard Marshall, a Texas Oil Tycoon. He was 60 years her senior, and very much in love with Anna. Anna, despite all of the controversy, decided to accept J. Howard's Proposal of marriage, and they were wed on June 27, 1994. She was the butt of many a joke after the marriage. J. Howard died in 1995, leaving Anna a huge inheritance. The heirs to the Marshall fortune weren't too happy with sharing the inheritance, and have done all that they can to block Anna's inheritance.

Fortunately, the law has been on her side twice now, and she has been awarded over 450 million dollars over the years, even though Paul Marshall is still fighting her wins. The family claims that Anna abused J.Howard in his final days.

Anna has enjoyed many professional successes, including a reality show on E!, and a huge weight loss that earned her a job with Trim Spa, The dietary aide that she used to shed 70 pounds. She has battled with weight, and addiction over the years. Anna is currently pregnant with her second child, as was announced May 31st, 2006 via a video taped message from her, seen floating on a raft in her swimming pool.
On February 8, 2007, she was found unresponsive in her room at the Hard Rock Motel and Casino. After several attempts to revive her failed, including CPR administered by her bodyguard, Anna died. Cause of death is yet unknown, an autopsy was performed by the Broward County Medical Examiner's office, and it was determined that she died of a mixture of nine different prescription medicines.
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