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  • R.I.P. miss Anna Nicole Smith, or Vicky Lynn Hogan. You will be missed.

    Vicky Lynn Hogan was born in Mexia, Texas, on November 28, 1978. She later on changed her name to Anna Nicole Smith, from working at Topless bars to make money, probably her stripper's name. She then started posing for Playboy, and became a Playmate. She then got a job as a Guess model, and started being in films. She got married to a very old guy, but then he died. His family members claimed that she was a gold digger. Years later she became the spokes person for Trim-spa after losing all her weight. Just when things started going smooth for her, news brings up that her son died. Many months later, after Anna had her baby, she is reported dead. No one knows what caused Anna to die.
    True, Anna didn't have the cleanest, or the purest life. But she manged it in her own way. Anna doesn't deserve all those people saying crap about her or her death!
  • Vickie Lynn Marshall (November 28, 1967 – February 8, 2007), better known by her stage name Anna Nicole Smith, was an American model, actress and celebrity who first gained popularity as Playboy's 1993 Playmate of the Year.

    Anna Nicole Smith was obsessed with Marilyn Manroe. She even said she wanted to die like her. Anna's entire life revolved around her Marilyn obsession, as she had such plans to remake one of Marilyn's movies, and as you could probably notice, resembled some of Marilyn's trademark features (blonde hair, beauty mark, red lipstick). Even though the public did not think very highly of Anna, I need to give her credit for making something out of nothing. She become a famous billionaire overnight, by doing what? Being herself? I would like to see the people who critisize her pull something like that. Even though she did not carry on Marilyn Manroe's social graces or charm, she did know how to publisize herself. She will be missed.
  • First off, who are you saying, "ding dong the b*tch is dead", do you have any decency, when you die would you like people singing a song like that about you?...

    First off, who are you to say, "ding dong the b*tch is dead", do you have any decency, when you die would you like people singing a song like that about you?... For all of you who think she was a "gold digger", have you ever wondered about all your mothers, fathers, and even yourself... Most of you live in a suburban area with your so-called "perfect" lives while your husband is always at the strip-club or cheating or your wife is only with you because the kids but really she can't survive on her own, aka she's a "gold-digger". She's dead and now her daughter won't ever be able to have the love of a mother. Plus, its not like Anna went to her late husband and was trying to seduce him! He went up to her!!... She wasn't the first stripper he had a relationship he knew what he was getting into! In addition, there are many people who knew both of them who said that Anna made him (her late husband, the millionaire) happy, it was his last days and he knew it and he married her because he loved her!... So while I and all the caring good hearted people mourn over her, just think what made her a "bad" person, was it her kind heart trying to make the best life for her son while she could have easily left her son with the father, or was it because she was too gorgeous to be a good person? Why, why are you so cruel about her death... she was the best person she could be while everyone was kicking her down, after the death of her son she had 3 or more lawsuits, why would you do that after the death of her son? Normal looking women get time off and get comfort if something were to happen like this, plus she just had her daughter, once again normal looking women get maternity leave, and support, but Anna the poor soul had everyone kicking her down all at once for something that she did to keep her son and have a good life for him, what about the normal women, you wouldn't call them gold diggers would you? They want money too and not to better their kids lives but to let themselves shop at Louis Vuitton and Chanel. Why do you think Anna was so different from you or your wife when it comes to money? You killed her, you kicked and shoved her! You the one's who say cruel things are her murderer! You should be ashamed...Anna was one of the last truly gorgeous woman out there, why did you kill her why did you have to push and shove her. I pray her soul, the one that has been stomped and shoved on, may finally rest in peace with her son and enjoy life after death... She's the one who needs it, and all the other gorgeous women out there, stop killing off the beautiful! Appreciate the beauty don't kill it! R.I.P Anna Nicole Smith may you always live on as a hero! You truly are a princess!
  • R.I.P Anna Nicole Smith

    Anna Nicole Smith was a actress or spokes person for a diet pill called "Trimspa". In the past year Anna has lost her son Daniel. And recently Anna has gave birth to a beautiful daughter named Dannylynn. But sadly Febuary 8th 2007, Anna Nicole Smith passed away in a hotel. Anna has had a hard year with the death of her son Daniel. Anna will be remembered. Its such a shock that she died. She was here one day and gone the next. She is with her son Daniel now. But her poor daughter is without a mother. R.I.P Anna Nicole Smith.
  • What has Anna Nicole Smith ever done for humanity?

    What has Anna Nicole Smith ever done for humanity? All she does is act like a bee otch to get attention and she is so weird. She can't even act! So many people think she is like, this...little dandelion that is way taller than all the other dandelions. She is mental, stupid, and probably spent all her money on plastic surgery. Excuse me for saying Carmen Electra gets plastic surgery all the time, she doesn't. Her name is not even Anna Nicole Smith and it is nothing close to it! She is so weird and stupid I can't really see any more of her. The only star I like worse than her is Paris Hilton.