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  • A natural performer.

    A lot of time has lapsed between The Piano and True Blood, but the natural ability and genuine performances remain the same in caliber.
    I could still see the giggling little girl on stage at the Oscars; so dumbfounded she couldn't speak. Her sincere reaction was as captivating as her sincere performance.
    Then, somehow "Sookie Stackhouse" took care of that little girl image burned on my brain very quickly, though with no less an impression.
    I love this show, its premise and its originality, and I love its characters and most of the characterizations. "Sookie" is far and away the most complex character, and there is none better to handle that complexity than Anna Paquin.
    I hope this show goes for a while; for the sake of the genre as well as for some of the cast...particularly Paquin.