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Former model and fitness instructor Anna Ryder Richardson is probably best known for her work as an interior designer on Changing Rooms. Since 1998 Anna has helped transform the homes of enthusiastic neighbours the length and breadth of the country.

Anna originally specialised in designing children's rooms, but…more


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    • Anna didn't get her ears pierced until she had them done early in 2005 specially for her wedding. Since having her ears pierced, she's rarely seen without a pair of her favourite large hoop earrings.

    • Anna and her husband have two children, Bibi Belle (born 2002) and Dixie Dot (born 2003). In 2001, Anna gave birth to a premature son, Bean, who sadly died after just 75 minutes.

    • Anna is married to Scottish restauranteur, Colin MacDougall. The couple married on March 22nd, 2005.

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  • My all time favorite designer

    Anna Ryder Richardson is my choice for one of the three most attractive women on British TV. I have enjoyed watching Anna Ryder Richardson on Changing Rooms and House Invaders and don't think there is more then just a few designs which I have really hated. There has a been a couple of occasions early on that I would hate what she has done but after some time looking at the rooms I can actually see why the home owners were not unhappy. I do try and still catch any of the Changing Room episodes which feature her and lookf orward to watching her on other series as well.moreless