Anna Sheridan (II)

Anna Sheridan (II)

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Anna was a contestant in the first season of Fetch! With Ruff Ruffman. She was the eventual winner the show.


Trivia and Quotes

  • fetch season 1 with ruff ruffman

    I know that Anna would win I have charged that she would and she is my favorite Anna you rock o and how old is anna I fell bad about your cat but your my favorite fetchter on fetch with ruff ruffman and the other one I like was madi on season 2 o and nice job Anna my name also start with a. My 3 and 4 favorite fetchter is Jay then sam on the 3 season and Brian on the same season as you Anna you are my favorite one off of fetch with ruff ruffmanmoreless
  • My favorite FETCHer - really deserved to win

    Anna was the FETCHer who, in my opinion, deserved to win Season 1 of FETCH! the most. She demonstrated good problem-solving skills, amazing mathematical ability, and canny engineering - all of these are exhibited in the last episode (and, incedentally, so is her great sense of smell). She also had a great outlook and personality: when she tried (in vain) to discover her inner hip-hop, she still had self-confidence and wasn't shy to try it out. Being the oldest FETCHer, she also displayed excellent leadership ability, for example when she was commander of the space mission. I am so glad she won. Nice job, Anna!moreless