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  • anna torv

    she is good actress

    i am waiting to see she in another series
  • Fantastic!

    Anna Torv is a wonderful actress. On Fringe, she does a fantastic job portraying the two Olivia's (three if you count the reboot version). There are so many subtle differences between the two characters that make it so believable. Also, she is absolutely stunning without being overdone. She and Joshua Jackson have wonderful onscreen chemistry. I hope we see more from her after Fringe!
  • The kind of person you love to discover on screen...

    Anna Torv... Not so long ago, so many of us couldn't have been able to say who that is. Included me. But then Fringe came, and JJ, and then the whole world managed to put a face on Mrs Torv's name. And what a face!

    Anna Torv is definitely the one actress I had the most pleasure at discovering this year. Pulling her out of anonymat has been the best thing that could ever have happened, to her and to us. Watching her in Fringe, you get to see all her great acting skills and watching her during interviews and all you get to know how lovely she is. I look forward seeing more from her in the future, and I hope more and more people discover this amazing person.
  • Probably an overkill...

    I can't help feeling the actress of her caliber is probably an overkill for a TV drama. Well...enjoy while it lasts! I'd watch this show to see her acting even if she was the only character and even if the show sucked (which it doesn't). It took me some time for realization how awesome she is to sink in. After the first episode I didn't think she was even good-looking. But time passed, and now I think she is the BEST actress who appeared on the TV screen in my lifetime (and that's a long time, btw). Some reviewers pointed out that she is also a friendly and gentle person...Makes it easier to like her! I hope her career will go much further than a sci-fi show on TV.
  • The ability to project an image comes from the belief in that image.

    I enjoy watching Anna's performance. I would like to see her have more faith in her abilities. Perhaps she just needs more control of her environment on the set, as well as her ability to be more involved in the story development. She should understand that every frame should be picture perfect, as if each episode were made up of a series of photographs. As for her being romantic, she needs to show us first what things she liked about her past partners. Although, we can feel a closeness between Peter and Olivia, up to this point, Peter doesn't seem to have much in common with Olivia's recent lover. Peter is not "hardguy" material (and he should not try to be, as he is fine being smart, sarcastic, and kind-hearted). Olivia also needs to project more intelligence. She should be able to mention things most people would label as trivia (scientific, unusual, or otherwise). Another female "partner", equal to Olivia, physically would add strength to the series, because it would let them support each other. But that would also require a more condensed script.

  • I'm giving her a 9.5 due to her body language, figure, facial expressions, charisma, exceptional +++

    I'm giving her a 9.5 due to her body language, figure, facial expressions, charisma, exceptional acting and beautiful green eyes. Ladies and gentlemen, let's not forget the way she perfected the American accent in this show although, she was born and raised in Australia. Anna is one hell of an actress and I would love to hear her original accent in a Hollywood made movie soon .nevertheless, we need to see more of that beautiful smile on the screen. Her character on the show (Olivia Dunham) doesn't allow her to smile often because she's an FBI agent. I wish you more and more success for the reason that you simply deserve it :)If your a fan, make sure you check out her interviews on youtube.
  • Fringe is the first show I have ever seen Anna Torve perform in. I gave her a 10 because she is a perfect fit as Olivia, articulate,versatile,and a great screen presence. I like that she's private too.

    My review consists of what I have actually witnessed Anna Torv accomplish as the character Olivia Dunham and Fauxlia in _Fringe_ which is my introduction to this intriguing woman. I believe an actor is great when they can get you to either sympathize with them or hate them. I have done both with the characters she portrays: I sympathize with Olivia and hate Fauxlivia. Anna did this with her ability to jump into any character. She could play Cat Woman easily and possibly outshine her forerunners in that role.

    I also like that I can understand her. She articulates her words as a good Shakespearean actor would. Everyone who acts should have this prerequisite in their portfolio as many stars today are unintelligible because they do not have good diction and enunciation. Most of all Anna is what I dubb a ingenue siren type- like Ingrid Bergman, Isabella Rosselini, and Leslie Caron. She is able to seduce men with her innocence and vunerability. No matter what angle the camera catches Anna her audience is captured by her.
  • Finally, "Fringe" gives us a smart, strong, capable female lead character...

    ...who can get the character's "job" done and the show ratings where they need to be, without being either a harridan OR a blonde bimbo. Kudos to both Anna Torv and FOX for that one!
    I have not seen this actress in anything other than Fringe so far, but she along with a really fine and cohesive cast of characters, really drives the series to one of this season's best offerings, I think.
    Anna Torv, without a great deal of prior international exposure, seems to have mastered the North American TV drama realm and I would not be one bit surprised to see her name associated with an Emmy win next season...
    ...If there really is a "pattern", that is!! HA!
  • Intriguing...

    A very intriguing woman who has took the scifi show fringe by storm. She is a very strong character in the show who seems to be able to bury her feelings and get on with her job rather than collapsing into a heap. She is able to coordinate the members of the FBI while coping with her private life. She is very good at holding on to a clue until the real meaning comes clear. Ive never known her in any other shows except this one, but director JJ.Abrams is sure onto a winning show with a winning lead lady.
  • Amazing actress and person!

    Anna Torv is a great actress and even more amazing person. She is so cute and funny and so intelligent. I've seen some of her interviews, and she is always so happy and friendly. I've also had the opportunity of meeting her once, and she was the sweetest. I noticed she's a rather quiet person, but still very nice and kind (or maybe she was just really tired that day!). Anna portrays Olivia Dunham on the FOX show Fringe. Olivia is a bold, strong character who isn't afraid to kick bum and do whatever it takes to get to the bottom of the case. Anna pulls the character off beautifully and captures every emotion of Olivia perfectly.
  • Beautifull my perfect mate

    Now as for Anna Torv OMG!!!
    She's not only blond and australian shes so beautifull the first thing that caught my attention are her eyes beautifull green eyes OMG!!!
    And i thought that the most beautifull blonds in the world (like me example everyone say that and more than one wants me) has to have blue eyes but not this one OMF OMG OMG
    Her hair its awsome blond like mine and her eyes, i repeat, her eyes!!
    I have blue eyes by the way but her green eyes OMG!!!
    Really beautifull when i saw her on Fringe i was like... i dont know her smile everything is perfect my mate no doubt
    Beautifull body, hair eyes!! Everything!!

    XO XO

  • Great character.

    I love Fringe, the television show, that comes on every Tuesday on Fox. I have seen every episode since it started, and my favorite character is Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv), since she plays the part so well. I do wish that her part in Fringe showed up a bit more, but she still shows up enough to be my favorite character on the show. She plays the part on Fringe so well, that it is almost as if she was meant to be this character. I look forward to seeing Fringe every Tuesday evening, and am always glad when it comes on, but it seems that it is always over too soon.