Anna Walton

Anna Walton


12/18/1980, London, United Kingdom, England

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Anna Walton was born on December 18, 1980 in London, England. While attending school at Queenswood School of Herts, Anna worked as a model. In 2004, she graduated from Oxford School of Drama. Anna is best known for her roles in Crusoe, Vampire Diary, The Mutant Chronicles, an…more


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    • FPI: Hi, Anna, thanks for taking some time to talk to us. In the last couple of years you've been involved, among other works, with the Vampire Diary, Mutant Chronicles and of course, Hellboy. Are the more fantastic genres an area you like working in or is it just coincidence with one director seeing you in one film and thinking oh, she's perfect for the film I'm planning?
      Anna: It's not something I've sought out as such, although I certainly like the genre. I tend to choose a role based on the script and the character. The character is the main thing, do I want to explore that character and who she is, the rest, like genre, isn't so relevant.

    • FPI: I should ask what's your current or next piece of work we can expect to see you in? I read something about Robinson Crusoe on your IMDB entry, but it's not something I've had a chance to see yet.
      Anna: Yes, it's been airing in the States on NBC. It's a thirteen part series. I play Crusoe's wife. It's shot with a lot of flashbacks, so he is marooned on the island with Friday and there are flashbacks as they attempt to overcome all sorts of obstacles to return to London and his family.

    • Anna: I do enjoy make-up for any character and then there's the costume too, putting that on, seeing how it looks and feels. Perhaps the make-up slightly less than the costume, since you don't really look at yourself in the mirror all the time, but it makes you feel it more, its part of the preparation to transform you into the character.